How can I create In-Game Menus for video games in Ready Maker?

I want to have a in-game menu screen that pops up at the start of the game before being able to play it then making it disappear after selecting “Play Game” then the game will start how would I do this?

Also any other choice in the menu wont make it disappear unless the player selects “Play Game”.

As I already created my entire game and just wanna add this menu screen in now.

Example a screen that goes down saying:

Play Game


In-Game Audio On/Off




Try use the “Controller” object for the your game. It is convenient to use it to control all the logic in the game, it also allows you to easily find all the necessary controls (counters, sounds, command a random number, etc.) after you return to the game after a while.

1)Add the new object from your library
2)Name it “Controller”
3)Add the “Counter” behavior for him and name it “Game Active”
4)Add the “Player” and “Button” objects
5)Create the new events:

a)(Start Menu):

     Controller/Game Active/Set Value/0
     Button/Sensing/Touch Down

     Controller/Game Active/Set Value/1
     Button/Appearance/Set Hidden/Yes

b)(Play Scene):

     Controller/Game Active/Set Value/1

     Player/Movement/Move To Left In Over Time/1 m/s