Create a angry birds style game

Hi would like to help to create a game using a catapult to launch an object yo a archery style target with points really need help to do this thank you in advance for any help given to me

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I made this small angry birds type demo for you.
Drag the cog where you want to aim the ball.
When the ball senses touch up, it launches towards the cog
The mouse and blocks fall realistically .
I think you need to play with an app version of Ready to see the code.
Check the physics and appearance of each sprite to understand how to do it

Change the balls mass in Physics to make it shoot further.


Game not load error can’t load thank you for all your hard work.

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Cool logic @Suzzy-Grey :+1:. Also please look another variant:
In this version, we use the “Rubber Band” behavior, “Drag” behavior and physics for control jump, example:

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Yes of course my email is email me thanks