BIG Malfunction With Our Scoring System!

Hello everyone! We are a few individuals creating games off of Ready Maker, and our recent game; which is in beta, has a huge malfunction in the scoring system. Our beta testers and developers have not touched anything to change the code, but the scoring system breaks out of no where. To score a point, let the ball bounce on a black line. To activate the black line, press play and hit the orange box that says “tap here.” Here is a link:

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Hi @Network5 - I have several recommendations for your project:
1)Add all ball to class “Balls” and set for them the collider “Circle”
2)Create for all triggers new class and set for them the collider “Box”
3)No use the “Scene Start” more than once (You use about 10 events for this, this very violates the project.)
4)You need delete all events and create new logic when we use classes
5)Try not to use the polygon collider, only where it is needed, it is very loading the project.
6)Reduce the number of balls on the stage, they are duplicated, there is no need

The behavior of the “Score Label” works perfectly, you just have an error in the conditions. You clone an object, but refer to its clone for scoring, it does not work. You need to add an object to the class and then you can access the clone directly. We have many lessons on the forum, please look through the work with the classes, it will very much help you in creating the project.

Please share the new project, when you do it, we will try to give you the necessary recommendations for its improvement, thank you!



We have looked into it and have taken a few of your recommendations. Yes, the scoring system does work. However, we like collision better than “touching,” but collision seems to not work. We may not be using it correctly, but at least the scoring system now works. We have set all balls to class which makes development so much easier! Thank you for the help! We will let you guys know when we are completely done with the game.

~ Network5 Games


Will you post it here? Curious to see what you are making!

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Thank you, are always happy to help. The collision should also work well. To do this, try increasing the width of the “Untitled” object in two or three times

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Oh man the collision vs touching argument is a new logic for me one of the same but the code fights I love a feisty code


Haha, I remember this incident :joy: yeah, we haven’t had this problem since!