Ball World 3D 👾

Later i’ll disucuss more on a new game and ideas.
I won’t get any free time until a week and a half from now to even code anything.


Understandable. Yeah, school has completely gotten in the way of this game but I just completed the hardest 11 weeks of the year so I should have more time too edit the game, even after my spring break.



What’s New?

  • There are how 5 enemies in the map!
  • Enemies are now twice as fast as the last post, and are faster than the players normal pace (the only time players can be faster than enemies is if they were speeding down the map insanely).
  • Enemies have glow effects
  • Enemies have a point light system
  • Enemies have a “sphere of intensity” system

What is the “Sphere Of Intensity?”

Each enemy has their own sphere of intensity system. The sphere of intensity comes from the point like system that unity offers to objects in the editor. This is what the sphere of intensity looks like at the start of the game (this is only seen in the editor, not while playing the game of course):

When you are in the sphere of intensity, the player has a glossy effect and the area around the enemy and player gets much much brighter. This lets the player know that they are near an enemy and need to get away. Now that enemies are faster in some cases, this draws the player away from collecting certain gems.

How Does The Sphere Of Intensity Work In-Game, and In The Unity Editor?

As I said before, the sphere of intensity is from the lighting each enemy has. The sphere of intensity will always follow the enemy. By the way: Enemies never collide with each other!

In the editor you can see where each enemy is and when one enemies sphere is collided with another enemies sphere. This increases the intensity of the area the enemies are in and lets the player know there are multiple enemies near by.

Why is the Sphere In The Middle of The Map So Much Smaller Than The Rest Of The Spheres?

This is the fifth enemy. This enemy is found at the spawn point guarding the gates. This enemy is fast and when you’re first starting off, watch out for the enemy! This enemy also has a smaller intensity level so it’s harder to find! :wink:

KEEP NOTE: All these pictures are with NO FOG. This is what happens when fog is implemented:

The enemies aren’t as bright and the sphere of intensity almost becomes worthless at some points unless you’re super super close to the enemy. However, fog makes the game look more realistic and harder to see.

This is a big step up in the games development and I would really like a few of you guys to give your honest feedback on this. I’d love to hear constructive criticism on this new implementation. This is brand new and will be edited through development. This is also the first time it’s being completely shared out!

If you’d like to help me out, please answer these questions if possible:

  • do you think the game should have fog with this new feature? If not, what about decreasing the fogs intensity or how about completely removing fog?
  • what do you think about the sphere of intensity? Is this helpful or annoying to have?
  • what about the enemies design? Do you prefer the design when it’s brighter with no fog or less bright when there is fog?

Thank you!

Minor changes:

  • Text alignment fixes

That’s a solution that works instead of measuring distance from player to enemy.
I’d like to see a short vid or gif of your game currently


Thank you for the reply! I’m glad you like the solution.

Is a camera recording fine for right now? I don’t have a screen recorder at the moment :sweat_smile:



What’s New?

  • Game Over scene
  • Main Menu
  • Official Winning Scene
  • Mini Win Scene has been removed from the game
  • Fog has been implemented again but is not as dense
  • Restart button on the game over scene
  • Main menu button on the winning and losing scene
  • You can now lose from enemies
  • Start Button on the main menu
  • you can now load to different scenes
  • 4 soundtracks now play in the game (one for the main menu, losing scene, winning scene, and the gameplay scene)
  • soundtracks loop
  • a new “collect” text appears above the gem that spawns by the player. This was in the game before but was later removed, but is now here to stay! It gets removed as well if you collect the gem.
  • Gems appears on the losing scene and rotate
  • loading text appears when switching scenes

(The main menu, losing scene, and winning scene are not complete in design, they’re just layouts for now).


Main Menu:

Winning Scene

Losing Scene

What’s Next?

  • Settings Scene
  • Mute Music
  • Credits to soundtrack artists
  • Complete design of the new scenes
  • Game Icon

After all this is complete, Spanish translation will be put into the game. Once complete, a beta build will be sent to the @Network5 team.

The game is coming to the end very very quickly. I’ve accomplished sooo much this week and I’m really excited for the future. I hope this level of productivity stays up.

By the way! I coded a bunch of that stuff myself without the need of tutorials! I’ve started learning a lot about unity code and everything seems to be successful so far!

Note to Ready users who are coming to unity: I was a ready user for 11 months and then I switched to unity. If you’d like source code from this game for reference, shoot me a DM and i would be glad to help you. Of course I’m not a professional whatsoever and I still rely on tutorials myself, but I can help with what I’ve learned so far! :heart:



What’s New?

  • New Scenes have a much better design
  • The Main Menu has an Instagram and twitter icon that if you click them, you’ll be sent to Network5s twitter or Instagram (whichever one you click of course).
  • Fixed MANY position placements for much of the games’ UI.
  • Credits scene is ready
  • New soundtrack for the credits scene
  • You can now mute soundtracks
  • Games icon
  • Splash screen is ready

Note: I know I mentioned I would allow Spanish translation in the first build, but this sadly wont happen. Don’t worry: it will happen in a future build, but the Spanish translation and the settings in general ruin some of the games’ design a lot. I hope this is understandable.

But… with that said…

Id like to say one more thing :slight_smile:

The first beta build for Network5 is coming NEXT WEEK!


All of these screenshots are natural from my PC from this game being a standalone PC app :slight_smile:

Note to all Ready users: Ball World 3D is going to have a public beta for ready users as Ive posted many updates here, and if you are interested, send either me or @Network5 a DM and we will add you to a DM group here on the forum (that way the beta program doesn’t clutter the natural forum). Hope to hear from some of you guys!


Minor Update

What’s New?

  • You can now exit the game on the main menu with an exit button.

Sadly, break is now over and school is now back :joy: I spent the break doing what I love, and that’s game development. I might not be able to give daily updates like I’ve been doing & Network5 will be turning 1 year old on Wednesday so I will be helping the team with that as well. Thanks for following the development!


Another Minor Update:

This minor update has a few minor changes for the gameplay scene. These changes are added UI and quality fixes.

  • There is now a main menu button in the gameplay scene (now you have the ability to exit the game without pressing down the windows button and then closing the application)
  • The counter at the top of the screen that displays how many gems you’ve collected is bigger now.
  • The collect text by the gem that spawns by the player was VERY pixelated when the game was transferred to a standalone app. The text is much better quality now and is no longer “pixel-looking.”

Making these minor changes before a beta comes out!

Remember: if you want to participate in the beta for this game, DM either me or @Network5 and we will set everything up!


I promised that the beta would come out this week and I fulfilled my promise!!

The first beta is officially out!!

The beta expires April 4th and another one will be sent out with additions and fixes.

If you’d like to join, DM me or @Network5!




Hey guys!

I’ve received a lot of feedback so far from the first beta!

I’ve made a lot of progress, however I will post another update on April 4th - when the next beta comes out. That way, everything can be seen into just one update and there isn’t multiple updates from one beta scattered all over the forum.

I’ve made enough progress to post an update now, but I’d rather wait for you guys :grin:

Also! Ball World 3D has a Twitter! If you’d like to follow, here’s the user- @ballworld3dgame

I’ll post another update this Thursday!


This is probably the worst day to post this, however- it’s now officially the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, and you know what that means!.. Ball World 3D will release this quarter!

I realize it is April Fools but I’m not joking, @Network5 has mentioned this in our 1 year video, and a few other posts on Twitter and Instagram before this day! That would be so mean if I lied about the release :joy:

I have gotten asked a few times when I think the game will release. My answer is - I don’t know. It should be this quarter. However, if you’d like an estimate, I believe VERY late April - Late May. I don’t think the game will release by June, I believe it will be earlier than that!

Stay tuned for the next update guys on Thursday! I made a lot of new features and additions :eyes:


One of the biggest updates is coming tomorrow. I just want to thank all the testers who tried out the first beta build. I got so many positive feedback, so so many kind words. This really motivates me and helps me strive to do so much better.

The next beta will help players who open the game blindly and don’t understand how to play. There will be a lot of features added to the UI as well. And perhaps, maybe you will have another way to lose the game? :eyes:

Uploading the build tonight and sending it out tomorrow morning! :smile: When it releases, I’ll post an update here as well!

Also: I can’t say what is exactly going on, however me and @Network5 are doing something brand new when it comes to launches. If successful, we will let you guys know what’s going on! :eyes:


April 4th Beta Update:

Additions, Changes, and Improvements:

  • NEW WAY TO BE ELIMINATED: The player can now drown in water! There is a water patch in the village.
  • CONTROLS MENU: During the first beta, many testers were confused about the controls, and did not know that the player can jump using SPACE. There is now a menu that features the controls, along with a reminder on how many gems are in the game!
  • SETTINGS MENU: You can now open up the settings menu to change the quality of the game. You can change the quality from Low, Medium, High, and Ultra! You will notice a big difference between each one! You can also exit the game off the settings menu as well!
  • NEW ENEMY: There is now a sixth enemy! Several testers asked for a new enemy near spawn point, as there was no enemy that would pass by around the forest at spawn.
  • New version number at the bottom left screen of the main menu.
  • There is now text that appears by the player at the spawn point that says “Find All 50 Gems.” This will disappear after you collect the gem next to the player at spawn point.
  • The “Count” text at the top of the screen now says “Gems Collected.”
  • The main menu now has clouds :cloud:
  • The main menu is now brighter, you can see the textures of the assets much better now!
  • The title on the main menu is now in bold.
  • The “Back” button on the “Credits” scene is now a bit larger. It is also much lighter, and easier to see!
  • The “Main Menu” button during the “Gameplay” scene is now green, not brown.
  • Minor performance improvements


  • Fixed a glitch at the graveyard where the player would get stuck between the tombstones and the fences around the edges of the area. You can now jump to escape if you are stuck!
  • Fixed a gem in the village where one of the gems rotated into the church building.
  • Fixed one of the buildings that was turned the opposite way, oops!
  • You can now jump off of benches
  • You can now jump off the Caravan by the village
  • Many text alignment fixes
  • Many collider fixes
    Thank you for following the update!

Quality Settings





User Interface


The user interface images feature them on Low quality ^


Hey guys, no update today but I’d like to mention some neat stuff.

I’m adding some cool stuff to the User Interface that aren’t soooo needed, but just some stuff that would help with the user experience of the game.

The next beta will be very small as I have basically 95% of the game completed. I’m just adding some extra stuff before I begin working on the teaser and trailer for the game.

Whenever the next beta is out, it may be the last one unless a new beta is crucial.

Thank you guys to everyone who is interested in the development of this game :heart::blush:


Hey guys!

I should be releasing a new beta near the end of this week.

I’m creating several promo images for the game and getting some ideas for a trailer!

I’d like to share a game that gives me a lot of inspiration for Ball World 3D. The game is called “Hopper.” They have a cool trailer that I really like the concept of -

I’m not affiliated with the game or anything, I just really like the style they put into the trailer and they give a lot of inspiration!


New update tomorrow!

Adding several features I wanted to add to the game for a while.

Can’t wait to start working on the teaser and trailer for the game!

Hope you guys like the next update tomorrow!


April 11th Beta Update

This update includes a few minor fixes, several changes, improvements, and new features. Read below to find out more about the new update!

Additions, Changes, and Improvements:

  • NOTIFICATIONS: With each new update, a “Notifications” button at the top right of the screen will appear with a post about the recent update! There’s also a red dot next to it to catch the players eye! (You can also click the red dot to open the post).
  • FEEDBACK MENU: On the menu screen, there is now a new “Feedback” button. This button will ask players for their feedback on the game so far. The player will be sent to the Network5 Games support website for more information.
  • PAUSE BUTTON: Many testers requested for a pause button, and there is now one added! You can find it at the top left of the screen. Click it to pause the game, and click it again to resume the game.
  • SETTINGS DESCRIPTIONS: The quality settings in the game now come with descriptions to let the player know what happens with each quality setting!
  • The Version Number and Copyright at the bottom left of the screen on the main menu is now in bold and italics, that way they are both much more visible.
  • The quality settings buttons are now in different colors.
  • The border around the water in the village is now black.
  • The “Find All 50 Gems” text at spawn has been moved and rotated differently.


  • You can now jump on the borders around the water in the village.
  • Many collider fixes.

It’s now time to work on the teaser & trailer!

Thank you for your interest in the new update!

Feedback Menu:

Settings Descriptions:


Screenshot From Pause: