Ball World 3D 👾

Gems are now implemented! This is the only one for now to be tested on, and I also added text to make it clear that you need to collect the gems. They rotate on their y-axis - just the way I wanted it!


  • player movement :white_check_mark:
  • player jumps :white_check_mark:
  • camera follows player :white_check_mark:
  • 100% map completion :white_check_mark:
  • Gems :x: (will check this when complete)
  • Gems rotate :white_check_mark:
  • Win/Lose Scene :x:
  • (“secret obstacle”) :x:
  • main menus :x:

Gems can now be collected!

I still need to figure out how to hide that text though…


That’s some good progress now after coming back!

Hey @Ready, do you know how I could hide that “collect” text via C# in Unity when that certain gem is gone?

(NOTE: the position of the “collect” text is going to change until I’m okay with where it’s at)


Hi @Dravin! As you know, we do not provide support in developing applications for the Unity, but for an old friendship :wink:, try this use the this example:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI; //It is important
using System.Collections;
public class DateGUI_script : MonoBehaviour
  public GameObject guiTextLink; //Object reference if the script is not on it
  void NewConditionForTheYour Function()
      guiTextLink.GetComponent<Text>().text.enabled = false;

Thank you @Ready!

I typed the code exactly. What should I change?

I attached the code to the text

EDIT: fixed the brackets


This line you need to add to the script where you hide the square (Point)

And also this: “using UnityEngine.UI;”, at the beginning of the script


Cool! Thank you! Really appreciate the help :grinning:

Edit: hmm… I tried it but there are now compiler errors. What should I fix? This is where I added the text to be hidden. The void is talking about if the ball hits a gem- that gem would be hidden.


You need add the link for the your text(Name Text object) in the script, example:

  import UnityEngine.UI;

  function myFunction() {
  var textShow : GameObject;
  textShow = GameObject.Find("MyObjectWithText");
  textShow.GetComponent.<Text>().enabled = false;

Thank you Ready for this information!

New updates -

  • 50 Gems have been scattered all across the map

  • Some gems are hard to hide to find. Each place hides gems differently, and some places are harder to find gems than others. (Example: it’s harder to find gems in the Tower Defense area than in the village area since there’s much more obstacles.)

  • A counter has been displayed and lets the player know how many gems they’ve collected.

  • A new “mini” win-scene has been implemented, however is quite buggy. Sometimes the win scene is displayed on start, but I’ll fix this ASAP! The mini win scene is a placeholder til the official win scene is implemented.

Here’s a preview of the game and collecting gems (this was before the counter and mini win scene were implemented but is still basically the same) -
image image

Now, the hardest part of development is about to happen. This part goes wayyyy beyond my knowledge and is going to be extremely hard to implement but I will try my absolute best on this.

Remember the “secret obstacle” on my checklist? Well… 2 of my favorite games have this “obstacle” that roams around the map by themselves and I want my obstacle(s) to do that as well. And if they’re caught seeing the player - the ball will have to quickly escape that obstacle before being “killed” or so, broadcasting the “lose scene.”

Granny is my absolute favorite game and Granny roams around the map herself- you must escape her and hide. She will run after the player after seeing them.
image image

My other favorite game - Yandere Simulator - has teachers who will end the game if you’re caught doing something bad. I like the gameover scene and found a lot of inspiration from it -

I won’t say what the secret obstacle(s) are exactly, but that’s what I have to say for now! :grinning:

What do you think? What suggestions do you have for the game? Let me know your thoughts!


Hi @Dravin! To do what you need, study these topics in the forums: “Waypoint system” and “NavMesh”.


Thank you @Ready! :grinning: that really helps me a whole lot! I didn’t know about these, and I found a lot of very simple tutorials over it. When I try it, many tutorials make it simple- so I’m excited for that. Thanks again!!


…no problem!:wink:


Hey guys! I am now on break from school and development is now back up and running again.

I am creating enemies in Ball World 3D, however- I have not competed the enemies just yet. There’s minor improvements I want to make to the game and I want to edit the main player as well, and I need to add cool effects to the enemies. If you want to know what’s going on with the secret obstacle, they can only go to their first waypoint so far but I found this great tutorial if anyone is using unity and wants to use the waypoint system to create enemies in their games where they walk by themselves:


Cool that you’re using waypoints now!!



Minor Improvements:

  • Player now has a grey material instead of having no material whatsoever (very similar color- just a tad bit different)

  • Minor Improvements to the “Minor” Win Scene!

Bug Fixes:

  • The “Minor” Win Scene had a bug where you would instantly win the game once you started the game, this no longer happens.

Waypoint Update:

  • Enemies now have the ability to transport themselves to different waypoints AND loop their movements!
  • Enemies design is not complete
  • Enemies need effects

(Enemies are spheres, but hey! It’s called Ball World 3D for a reason!)


What’s Next?

  • The Player will be having a hat!
  • Enemies design will be complete
  • Enemies will have effects

Will post another update when those 3 are complete!

What’s Next For The Game As a Whole?

  • After Enemies are fully implemented and complete, the lose scene will be worked on.
  • After the lose scene, the win scene will be worked on more and completed
  • After the win scene being complete, the main menu will be worked on & soundtrack will be implemented shortly after
  • Spanish translation
  • PUBLIC Beta Testing!!

I hope you’re enjoying these updates! :grinning:


Since fhe enemies are sphere’s , you could make the enemies look like round skulls.
Or attach spike sprites around the sphere’s and turn the colliders off for the spikes so they don’t affect the sphere’s movement.


I have a really cool idea for the enemies but I want it to be a surprise til I show what it is :wink: it has to deal with the effects I mentioned! :grinning:


Like a fire-smoke trail or glow effect?


Something like that, but I need to find the perfect effect for the enemies. I will say that it will be pitch black.

They will be able to travel through obstacles so they have no issue reaching the player, making the game harder.


You remember a while back i told of the free 3d models of some massive buildings?
I’ll have to find the link again or check my downloads to see if i have it.
For a second game i think it would be cool to edit.


Oh yes I remember! That site will be super useful.

The game after this will be completely out of the ordinary for typical @Network5 games :joy: