Ball Block Extreme 2 Back after a Month long Wait!

Hi everybody, Zenobiyl here.

It’s been a month since my last post about Ball Block Extreme 2. People really liked it, although it had some issues. Now that I’ve finally finished dealing with irl obligations etc. I got back to fixing Ball Block Extreme.

The Main issue with the game was the ball getting stuck in a corner. I found that this was caused by my walls being slightly angled and the ball being elliptical(not circular). I changed the values to fix the problems with the ball getting stuck, and hopefully now everything will be working again.

Another issue was the ball going so fast it moved through the wall, causing game over. I changed speed values to be .01 rather than .05, and I lowered all acceleration values by 250%.

Some players had issues with the ball glitching out of the map from going to fast as well. This was caused by the ball’s shadow, which isn’t designed to move at sonic speeds :laughing:. I deleted the shadow for simplicity, as it doesn’t make a huge aesthetic difference.

I hope everybody loves Ball Block Extreme 2, and is able to play glitch free. Let me know if you have any comments, criticism, or glitch issues. Also, feel free to submit your score, so we can which is the best! :grin:

EDIT: My record is 22


Hey I want to try this but there is no link in tour post! :frowning:

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Trying to get link from app, cant figure it out yet lol. One sec

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Yeah I’ve seen that. Try sending as an email then copy paste the URL from the message here. Small hack.

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Thanks, I got the link. Wish they just gave it from copy/paste but oh well :pensive:

Edit: Changed link, the first one sent to my profile

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Played it. Scored 10. No glitches for me. I did figure out a little trick. If you tap rapidly on the line you can increase your chance of blocking the ball. I thought it was fun

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Nice job! Incase anyone does get stuck I added a button to fix that. It ends the game but you’ll be allowed to submit your score. Don’t want people losing their score to any glitches!


Nice, The game looks completely finished … I did not manage to score more than 12 points) :rofl:

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Thanks! I’m developing another game right now; I’ll let you know when It comes out!

Very nice game, this is super hard! I tried the trick davidsol mentioned, and my ball got stuck in the line and my points kept adding up non stop. What do you think?

Might be difficult to fix :sweat_smile:

I’ll add a cool down to the wall for now

Alright, I accidentally figured out a way to improve the game massively, add scaling difficulty, and cut the events down to half. Hopefully I can someday tell the maker of ball block about this breakthrough as well.

I set a variable, called tap. Every time you tap the screen tap increases by .02, and starts at .10. The game reaches normal difficulty at .20, and hard difficulty at .40. Around .70, which is 35 taps in, the game becomes nearly impossible. This new addition means spam tapping will kill you fast, and meant I could cut out half the game events because the speed of the ball is now determined only by your tap number.

Let me know how it goes!

EDIT: I improved the variable progression. Average games can last from 20-30 taps, but theoretically the game can go to 105 before breaking.

Well done on the fix! I found some more things:

  • My ball goes straight down if I tap barely even late
  • I don’t think the variable should appear on the screen, mainly because it’ll just look a tad messy. Or maybe it could be at the bottom left or right corner for a cleaner look?
  • The Ball isn’t hitting the top border. It doesn’t touch it, but it still bounces down
  • I didn’t touch the bottom of the screen but I still lost

The ball will glitch out and sometimes move throught the wall when the acceleration gets to high. There isn’t anything I can do to fix this, but to help I’ll make the wall a little bit thicker. Also I’ll hide those stats.

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Sounds good! Keep up the good work :grinning:

One final addition: I added an insane mode which starts after you hit .30 acceleration for fun. When it happens the ball goes red, shrinks 8%, and speeds up by .20 m/s.

Amazing! You sure are fast at updating :grinning:

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Fun stuff. I went into INSANEmode. I like it. :+1::clap::clap:

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