Suggestions from Us

Hi! Since we’ve been using Ready for a long time now, we have a few suggestions.

  • I’m sure you guys get this A LOT, but this should definitely be added. A search box and a publish button for whenever you want to publish the game, and/or different versions of your game. This way, you don’t have to go around looking for the same link over and over. Searching a project by the name would be much simpler and more convenient.
  • allow a “send data” feature. A few of us have experience in beta testing big games. Our leader has experience in beta testing Dancing Line, a game by Cheetah Mobile & Boombit, and they have a feature to where the amount of deaths in a level is sent to them to determine how hard a level is. So, in short, a send data feature would be where the developer of that said game would know how many deaths are in something, but it doesn’t have to be deaths. It can be other things to!
  • adding a link feature where if you click a link, you’re sent to that website
  • since the featured section is for what the Ready team makes, how about a section similar to the name of “Popular User Games” and it shows Ready users and their popular games?
  • a tag for your games. A game can be specified by alpha, beta, or full version! Maybe even a demo.

That’s all we have for now. We will keep you posted if we have more!



Thank you @Network5 ! All these suggestions look useful.:+1: We will think over them and add them to our passe sheet, which we will gradually implement in the new versions!


It is frequent once I get to about 30+ events the app crashes and delete and duplicates some events which cause me to spend a lot more time on something that was finished already. Lol


@TriStarsGames - We still had one bug related to the work in the classes. When you delete a class, events may be violated. Have you ever noticed when this happens?



Events duplicate if you duplicate an asset that is an event. Once you duplicate that said asset, their said event will also be duplicated.

This is very strange, our game we are working on has almost 50 events (we have a lot going into the game), and it seems to be working fine.

@Ready classes work just fine for us. I haven’t noticed any glitches with it

@Network5 - ok, thanks!:+1:

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Yes I have. It makes for a long day of problem solving


New suggestion!

Create a new layered scene system. Create a new scene to completely start from a brand new empty scene. Everything will be saved from its previous scene. This will be great for games with levels!


@Network5 - Yes, this system has long been in our queue.


We’d love to see something like this! We are asking for this because we have this game here -

And it’ll have levels. Scenes would be super useful!

Try out the game guys and remix it to see how it’s made! You’ll be surprised!

Tap the screen to move side to side, and do not fall into the water!

If scenes do arrive, this game would take many many months to make however.


Just watched Readys webinar!

Super awesome!

I mentioned in the comments stating this suggestion:

“With ready teaching it’s users code, how about a place on the events section that has the “ready code,” the “when this - do that,” you can press a different tab and it’ll show the official code for C#? With explanations? This would be a spectacular way to teach people to learn code, especially C# for Unity!”

What do you think?

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Hi @Network5 ! Yes, we had suggestions to add the source code to the Ready. But this does not look like a simple task, since a full-fledged code looks very large and difficult to read. We were thinking about how to add small blocks of code for each of the events, but our events are also complex enough to automatically insert the correct comments. This is likely to look too confusing. I think that we can find the optimal solution for this and then we will return to this in the future.

  • The zoom in & zoom out feature is doing the opposite. This should probably be fixed. Zoom out = zoom in, and vice versa
  • control the zoom of the camera by % (when player is touching rectangle, zoom in/out by 20%)

Sometimes when I’m creating a larger game, there’s a point to where you can no longer reach further. The canvas looks infinite, which it is when you’re playing the game, but there’s a point to where you can no longer drag your fingers/mouse to get even further from the White box when developing. Does this make sense? I can explain further if needed and provide a GIF


Yes, there really is a limit to creating scene size. The best solution would be to use object cloning at the far end. I’ll find out if we can turn off the borders in the editor.


Ooooh please :joy: that’ll be so helpful! Especially for what we are working on now, and what we plan on making in the future!

(Turning off borders would be a great idea as we have some really cool stuff that has never been shared on ready so far :wink: )


:slightly_smiling_face: ok i add the this task to the backlog list :wink:


Thank you!.. (haha, I’m starting to use this tactic now with the dots. Super helpful :joy:)