Ready Maker updated on all platforms!

Greetings community- we have refactored Ready Maker to resolve the persistent issues many of you reported around:

  • Creating new accounts.
  • Logging in.
  • Saving projects.

This release (available here):

  • Resolves all the above issues.
  • On iOS complies with the requirement Apple has of including a method to create an account using your Apple ID.
  • On iOS moves the left-hand menu in portrait mode “to the right” so that the “phone notch” no longer interferes with the user interface.

If you continue to experience any bugs related to the above please let us know.

Thank you all for continuing to build with Ready!

Happy making!

Team Ready

Hello @Ready @ReadySami !

Everything seems to work except for one thing with Unity.

When I imported my game in, only parts of it work, not the entire thing. I did the import three times, but still does not work properly.

Game Link: Web — Ready
Gameplay in ReadyMaker:

Gameplay in Unity:

As you can see, the randomly generated icons don’t appear. Everything else seems to be working correctly.

I deleted the old version of ReadyMaker, then installed it again from your website.


I just finalized another project of mine, and a button that is clickable in ReadyMaker does nothing in Unity. Tried twice.