Please report Ready Maker bugs here

Hey folks- We are receiving various reports of potential problems using Ready Maker. Unfortunately, they aren’t sufficiently descriptive for us to understand the nature of the potential problem(s). So we’re opening a thread here, as a general “catch all” for any current bugs that people are experiencing.

A couple of weeks ago, we had to make some backend updates, they may have triggered some issues we didn’t detect/expect. So please - if you’re having trouble logging in, or saving projects, or using certain functions- it would be very helpful for you to post here (with as much detail) the steps to get the bug. Ideally please include this additional info:

  • The platform you’re using (PC. macOS, Android, iOS).
  • The type of registration you used to create the account (email, Google, or Facebook).
  • The user ID of the account with the issue.
  • Any screen shots of the issue.

This will help us understand what may be broken.

Thanks everyone for your patience, and help with this. And our apologies especially to the teachers and students that may be facing this issue- we know it’s painful.

Team Ready

Hi Ready! So I have been having a problem, For some reason every time I press the save button, The project never saves. The button just doesn’t work anymore.

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Hello Ready,

I have a problem regarding the gif. Whenever I create a gif it doesn’t play the full animation.

Here’s the link for the video

I get the image and create different sprites for it, but still get the same result.

Sorry to hear this. Can you give us more details:

  • username
  • platform
  • type of login method.



Platform: IPad and Pc

Type: email and password

Having the same issue using Ipad. Every now again it will save.

Been having an issue changing password on Ipad. I created an account a while back and dont recall password. ( when i hit setting option, it redirects me to your website which says theres an error ) I ended up recreating new account and recreated my project, but it would be nice to be able to recover older account.

Been also running into bugs while trying to test my project. It will run perfectly fine using the app ( Ipad and PC ) but when i share my project. Nothing seems to work correctly. It seems to run fine in unity as well. Just only when i share project.

Also curious to know how to share my project to the ready community. Wasnt sure if that was an option.
If it isnt that would be an awesome feature to have for Developers to get feed back from other developers and players as well.

Sofi Jump

I used latest pc version of Ready Maker.
I logged in using gmail
A message said paste code here.
I didn’t get a code sent to my email. so i can’t login.

Tried making new account with sign up using different email, username,password.
Message : error please try again alter.

Importing to Unity is not working @Ready @ReadySami

Exported it two times from Ready Maker, same thing happens each time (The screenshot is in play mode). The button annimation does work when clicked, but that is all that happens.

Platform is Windows 11
No clue how the account was created
My username in ReadyMaker is gamedesigner99
Screenshot above (The game works perfectly fine in the ReadyMaker app)
Unity Version is 2019.2.12f1, and everything works find until I hit play in Unity

Oh yeah, and this shows before importing. Don’t know if that’s important or not

And one of my other projects imports fine, but the sizing is all off!

And a third project I tried works fine

Oh yeah, and nothing will save either, on both my iPad and Windows 11 PC. Loading icon just goes on forever. See by previous post for details @Ready @ReadySami

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Maybe in 6 months time or a year, you will get a reply from the Ready team
Let’s tag @davidsol the boss of Ready, and see the response…

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Adding on to my saving problem, I can create new games just fine, but I cannot edit any of them, even the ones I just created (So only the first save works).

@Ready @ReadySami @davidsol

Can someone please take a look and fix this?

Hi all, just as a general update: The development team has identified most of the underlaying issues to your reported bugs. We do have developers looking into everything and working on an application update, but unfortunately I cannot say exactly when the release date would be. We hope to have it out within a few weeks time. Stay tuned!

Ready Maker crashes whenever I try to upload assets. When I click on it and “Search my Device,” the program crashes

Mac OS Ventura 13.1
Log in with Apple Registration
Username: royal-butterfly-74

Thank you.

Day 1 of asking for the login system to be fixed
I can’t make an account using Google or anything
When I try to make an account on n the main website I get shown this
Note not my pic but this is what I see
@Ready @ReadySami @davidsol

Im facing issues in creating a new account

Im facing the same issue

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Mine says unexpected error, please try again

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Hi to @Ready @ReadySami @davidsol .
I haven’t been able to use Ready on pc,android or iPad for at least six months.
I try logging in with gmail and 2 pop up screens appear saying “Unexpected error”.
It would be great if you could update the app so all it’s features can be used offline and not have to login.