Porting for game consoles

Hey, I’m currently making the following game on Ready Maker:

Also, is it possible to somehow fund the work of Ready Maker (donation)?
Is it possible to port the game for game consoles, if so, how?

Wow! That looks so good! Would you mind sharing the links so I can play-test it?

Yes! You have to import it into Unity first, then export it to the console you want to use. Note that since Ready is designed for mobile devices and PCs (Touch and keyboard) you may have to change some things around in Unity to get it to work.

Some things to help you out:

Hey! Thank for review!
This is a demo version of the game, where only 1 chapter is available, others not completed. The game has been developed for more than 2 years and everything that has been done by me (used Google Translator):

(Android Apk)

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But, there are bugs in the game, they will be fixed

I would love to check it out, but I have an iPhone. Can you share the game from the Ready app?

Sorry for the long answer!
I live in Ukraine, where hostilities are taking place.
Here’s the link:

Game worked and launched great?

There is some bug in the system that does not let me open the game in the ready app. I meant to try it on my PC but forgot, I’ll try to remember later today :slight_smile:

Ready won’t load on my laptop for some reason, I’ll have to check it out over the weekend on my desktop.