NO game created by me is launched

Good day.
For more than a week now, the problem has been that no game created by me and saved correctly starts! … I go to the main page and start the game, its download goes on indefinitely, and when I try to edit it, all its contents disappear. I tried to send messages to the game to a friend, also to no avail. (and this with all games is)
Please help!


Hi @Myroslav_Hesyk ! In 99% of cases, this is due to poor Internet connection. It often happens that the local ISP limits the speed for foreign traffic. Our servers are located in North America, perhaps this is the problem.

As practice shows, such problems are temporary, it all depends on when your provider opens access to the exchange of information with certain servers.


Hi @Ready and @Myroslav_Hesyk

The problem is the numerical configuration of the computer, in the USA they use the period (.) and not de “,” to separate the decimal places and this apparently gives an error. You must change the settings from the regional format to English (US), but not the time zone. you will be able to easily find out how to do it in tutorials on the internet

But the problem is just in Windows. On Mac or mobile devices this problem does not happen.


Thank you very much for your help!