My player doenst seem to want to walk rightp

I have tried everything that came to mind, adjusting materials, physics, colliders…the player moves, but badly, seems to stick too much to the other objects. And i really need for this game to have much finer grain control.

Is there any way to resolve?

Edit: Partially solved by set object/ice…but still meh. Can it get better?

Edit 2: ok, i figured out a solution. Upwards force applied seems to release the player to move more smoothly

Edit3: no, that didnt fix it, either. Setting to ice seems the most effective, but control still sucks, can it be improved?


@Watersharer, Steps:

  1. Create the new global variable:

  1. Also, for example, you can use the another method (Buttons) for the control:

  1. Create the new events:

This remix for the your project:

If You use method with the buttons, you can also add to the events the “Flipped Horizontaly On/Off” action.

This your project look very nice, the cool logic for the platforms :clap: :wink:


Super cool, i am very grateful. Just seeing new improvements makes me think of better ways to build.


After adding the m/s command to the player, its like a brand new game. Actually works the way i intended, and will now be the first stage in a multi level design the way it was conceived. Woot!