Control pad not allowing objects to get close to each other

Hello Ready Community!

We’ve noticed that solid objects controlled by the control pad are (sometimes) not able to be moved all the way to the edge of other solid objects, as though there were a margin.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid this problem?

We made this observation on Mac, Chromebook and Android. Here’s a sample project that illustrates the observation:

The control pad controls the striped firecracker. This is the closest the firecracker can get to the righthand side of the rectangle.

But the striped firecracker can move up flush against the lefthand side of the rectangle (same for top and bottom edges of the rectangle).

The striped firecracker is unable to move all the way to either side of the yellow firecracker (but it can move close to the top and bottom of the yellow firecracker).


Maybe change the collision mask to polygon if you haven’t already.
This might help


Many thanks for the suggestion, @Suzzy-Grey! I changed the collider on the controlled object (striped firecracker) and now it goes all the way up to the rectangle :+1: