Auto Closing when trying to open my game

I am using an iPhone version of the app and most of the time, when I am troubleshooting and has to test whether my events works or not, the app automatically closes. This is so frustrating as the changes I made for my game wasn’t saved and I have to begin from foot to top again.

I need to know why this happens and what to do to avoid this.


Something similar happens when i play a game and quit. it crashes i use a Kindle Fire And A IPhone.


We get similar reviews for the iPhone 7 and 8. We assume that the RAM for these devices fills up very quickly … so at some point, the system is forced to close the application due to lack of RAM.


@Mecha33 you might see some improvement if you minimize the load on your phone by force quitting other apps and disabling push notifications. Also, it’s always a good idea to save your game before testing.


@Mecha33, I think this should be an issue with iPhones as you mentioned in your post Not generating links. I think these are iPhone brands that are having some issues.