SmartKiddo free 3D coding in browser

I just found this today.
If you know coding using Scratch then this is like a more advanced version that you can use to make 3D and AR games.
I only just started using it and you can upload your own 3D models and AR data.
To play games made by others you have to install the free app.

I don’t think games made can be published as Android or IOS apps. The games are stored on the companies servers,
That’s all I know for now.
So good luck to anyone who uses this program.



That look amazing! I am going to see if exporting is possible, otherwise it is not worth it in my opinion. @Ready, can you add 3D support? (I know that would be hard, so no pressure if it’s impossible/difficult (It would be a feature I would pay for though)) Just asking :slight_smile:


That seems nice… Free 3D game coding in browser is surely worth a try… Thanks for sharing @Suzzy-Grey


I just got a response from someone claiming to be the CEO. He says this:


Thanks very much for your note. We would be happy to help you.
Please see my inserted answers below but I would appreciate it if you told me how you heard about Smart Kiddo ?
What do you like and what do you not like ?
Thanks a lot

Best regards

Andrew Duncan

Smart Kiddo Inc

117 West 9th Street, Ste 1219
Los Angeles, Ca 90015
Tel : 1 213 784 6744
Mob: 1 310 720 4408


EDIT: here is the final answer:


Thanks for getting that info.


I also found these sites as well, has anyone used them or heard things about them?

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I haven’t heard about MANU

Once upon a time we had ideas to make it possible to create 3D games in Ready Maker as well. But we abandoned this idea in favor of the rest of the work to improve the editor. I cannot say with certainty that we will return to this idea in the future :roll_eyes:, although we have some thoughts on this matter.