Set Bullet angle of newly spawned obj to 0,90,180,or 270 randomly

Here is the game I am recreating. Notice when I (circle) collect the square, a new enemy blue puck is spawned at a random location, but it always goes left and right, never choosing the up or down direction.

Here’s a link to my project:


Hi @garlicsuter ! Welcome to our community again! :slightly_smiling_face:

There are contradictions in your events. Although you rotate your objec twhen you use the global variable, in the “Bullet” behavior - you do not change the angle, so this cannot work. Here is an example of how this might work:

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You made interesting project, we are interested to see what kind of game you get in the end!:metal::wink:


I like your code.
The enemies are spawned away from the players position and still are in a random position.
Nice work.