Seed dispersal by animal project

Hello, does anyone know if there is a way that when the bird collects the seeds they go to the tip of its beak and not to its center behind as it is now? Thanks for the help!

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Hi @cesarmdq, here’s a suggestion that might work for you: place a small “seed collector” object on the bird’s beak and collect the seeds there instead of on the bird. Try using “join” to position the collector, and set its opacity very low so it is not seen.


Hi @auntiel!, great idea! I’m going to try it for sure, thank you so much!


Hi @cesarmdq! Good solution @auntiel, your the first)))
This the all recomendations:

  1. Add another object to the scene, let’s call it “Controller”.
  2. For the seeds, create a new class and add the “Move Towards” behavior
  3. In the “Move Towards” behavior, select the target - (the “Controller” object).
  4. Set the “Inactive zone” parameter to the minimum value and for the “Active zone” parameter to 5 value.
  5. Remove the object “Seeds” from the scene to a distance of 6-7 meters.
  6. Attach the Controller object to the bird with the help “Join” behavior.
  7. Hide the Controller object when the scene starts (Opacity = 0%)
  8. Clone the new seeds with the necessary periodicity
  9. Remove the seed clones when they touch the “Controller” object