Farewell everyone!

Hi everyone!

Over the past 3 years I have used this forum and was extremely active here. I helped many people and I also got a ton of help from here as well. I joined this forum because I had one issue with one of my ready games, and since then I have stayed on due to the fact that I enjoy game development and helping others out.

I made the transition from ready to unity just a few months later and I learned so much since then. I made 3 unity games that are already published and I am currently working on my 4th project.

I haven’t been active in just over a month and I don’t believe I’ll be active much longer. I met a ton of amazing people on here and I am so thankful for everyone I’ve met on here. I’ve gained so much support and so many people on this forum have grown and have taken their own path into game development.

But most importantly- thank you READY for the great opportunities you gave me and my game studio. Where I would be right now wouldn’t have been possible without you guys :slight_smile:

I apologize for the sad post but I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye. I hope you guys have a wonderful journey into game development, and I’m sure you guys will do great things!

EDIT: I failed to give a reason as to why I have made this decision. Lots of drastic changes are happening in my life! I am graduating, moving out, and going off to college. I started ready when I was a freshman in high school! I have been so busy and focused on my future that I haven’t had time to be active, and I will only get busier from here.


Hi Dravin! :slightly_smiling_face:Thank you for your kind words and great help that you have provided in the development of the forum all these years. :heart: :heart: :heart: We sincerely wish you success in your college and work. You have done a lot for us and we will always happy see you in the future, if only to learn about your achievements. Thanks Bro! :wink:


Hey @Dravin! Firstly thanks for the awesome games you shared with us, especially N.O.H! Secondly, best of luck for your future. It was a nice experience on the forum with you. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

One last thing, IF POSSIBLE, try to get back here to share any games you make in the future… Glad to be with you over a few months… :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the things you have done here at Ready! I defiantly enjoyed reading your posts, and thankful for the help you gave me in the beginning.
Thanks for being part of this awesome community!


Like you, my life’s become more busy and priorities change.
We had fun learning to use Unity around the same time.
You’ve become so skilled using Unity, I’m sure those skills will help with your future employment.
So goodbye and best of luck.


Thank you @Ready @samsajwani1234 @greenreader9 & @Suzzy-Grey for the kind words!

Due to the lack of time, I’ve had to leave my game studio as well. However I am definitely going to try and work at another game studio in the near future hopefully! :slight_smile:


Hi @Dravin,

My life has also taken twists and turns since I first discovered Ready and this forum back in spring-summer of 2018 (similar time frame as you, apparently), and I haven’t been on here lately either, but that may very well change once more.

Thank you Dravin for sharing so much of yourself and your projects with us and… thanks for saying goodbye instead of just disappearing! Leaving home and going off to college is a huge adventure in all manner of ways that you’ll only discover as you go along. Be prepared to learn a lot about yourself and the world, to see things in new ways and to reevaluate how you feel about this or that - possibly multiple times! Congratulations and all my best for this exciting new chapter in your life! I hope you’ll pop in now and then to let us know what you’re up to and how you’re doing :slight_smile:

Very best wishes,


Bye @Dravin I will really miss you, I really liked your creations on Unity.