Very first game!


Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve been experimenting with Readymaker for two days in a row and i can’t explain how happy i feel to start to undestand the very basics of game development.
In the past I tried to jump right into coding but felt fustrated because even though I undestood some thing there were a lot more that didn’t have any sense for me but now with ready maker I feel like seeing the light hahaha
Well, long story short, I’ve just finished a ‘Pong’ game and you couldn’t imagine my face when I felt comfortable with it. Just happiness!!!
I feel so great that I want you to give it a look and give me your feedback I want to keep learning more and more.

Here it is:


Funny fast paced game.
Good start for a beginner.


@barnvuren89 - Congratulations!:clap: Great job!:wink: I suggest you also slightly change the angle in the “bullet” behavior for the ball:


Thank you! :slight_smile:
I hope to show you more when I learn more .


Will do! Thanks for the advice :smiley: