Collision mask doesn't change for animated gifs

I made a gif where a circle sprite changes to a rectangle in a loop.
I had another ball sprite fall and land on the gif.
The ball only stops when landing in the circle sprites area.
The ball fell through the rectangle area that’s longer than the circle on the circles left and right sides.
The gif hap a poly mask.
This probably isn’t a bug, but the collision mask only works for the first sprite in an animated gif.
All other different sprites in the gif don’t have their own collision mask.

I was going to code to find the path through a maze that required all sprite’s to change their shape to detect their surroundings.

On your list of features for updates, can you make it so all frames of a gif can have their own collision (poly) masks?


Hi @Suzzy-Grey! :slightly_smiling_face: This will heavily load the scene, but we plan to add a size-adjustable collider. Probably with the help of it you can choose the right size for each of the frames in the event manager. :metal: