What is silicone oil

A unique silicone compound - dimethicone
Abstract: Dimethicone has become an indispensable and important substance in the chemical industry due to its unique physical and chemical properties, excellent characteristics and wide range of applications.


  1. What is dimethicone?

Dimethicone, also known as polydimethylsiloxane, is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile liquid. It is produced by hydrolyzing dimethyldichlorosilane with water to obtain a primary polycondensation ring body. The ring body is cracked and distilled to obtain a lower ring body. Then the ring body, end-capping agent and catalyst are put together and telomerized to obtain various Methyl silicone oil can be obtained by distilling mixtures with different degrees of polymerization under reduced pressure to remove low boiling matter.

  1. Characteristics of dimethyl silicone oil

Due to its unique chemical structure, dimethyl silicone oil shows the following series of excellent properties:

Excellent thermal stability: Dimethicone remains stable at high temperatures and is not easy to decompose or produce harmful substances. This characteristic gives dimethyl silicone oil significant advantages in high-temperature working environments, such as insulation and lubrication of motors, electrical appliances, electronic instruments and other equipment.

Good combustion resistance: Its high flash point and non-flammable properties give dimethicone significant advantages in environments that require fire protection or high temperature.

Good electrical insulation: Dimethicone’s high resistivity and low dielectric constant make it ideal as an electrical insulation material.

Low Freezing Temperature: Dimethicone maintains fluidity and stability even at extremely low temperatures.

Low surface tension: Dimethyl silicone oil can easily spread on the surface of objects, forming a uniform lubricating film, which plays a good lubrication and isolation role, and is suitable as a lubricant and surface treatment agent.

High compression resistance: It can withstand greater pressure without being easily deformed. Its stability and reliability in high-pressure environments make it suitable for applications requiring high compressibility.

Good oxidation resistance: Even during long-term use, dimethicone can maintain good performance and is not easily oxidized.

Weather resistance: Dimethyl silicone oil has good resistance to environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays and ozone, and can maintain stable performance for a long time.

Viscosity changes little with temperature: The viscosity of dimethicone is less affected by temperature, allowing it to maintain stable performance under different temperature conditions.

  1. Parameters of dimethyl silicone oil

Project Indicator

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid

Viscosity 25℃: 2-500 000mm2/s

Flash Point: Open cup >300℃

Refractive Index at 25°C: Approx 1.404

  1. Application of dimethyl silicone oil

Due to its unique properties, dimethicone is widely used in many fields.

Cosmetics and personal care products: Dimethicone has good lubricity and skin compatibility, so it is often used as an additive in cosmetics and personal care products, such as skin care products, shampoos, shower gels, etc.

Electrical industry: The high electrical insulation properties of dimethyl silicone oil make it an important material in the electrical industry, used in the manufacture of insulating oil, cable oil, transformer oil, etc.

Mechanical industry: Dimethyl silicone oil has good lubricity and high temperature resistance, and is suitable for lubrication and cooling of various mechanical equipment.

Rubber and plastics industry: Dimethicone can be used as a processing aid for rubber and plastics to improve their processing performance and product quality.

Pharmaceutical industry: Dimethicone is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as as the base of ointments, creams and other preparations, with good lubricity and skin permeability.

  1. Product selection

The viscosity of dimethyl silicone oil ranges from 2 to 500,000 cst. Dimethicone oil with different viscosities has different uses:

Low viscosity dimethicone: suitable for use in cosmetics, skin care and personal care products due to its excellent lubricity and skin compatibility.

Medium viscosity dimethyl silicone oil: commonly used as lubricant, damping medium and electrical insulating oil, suitable for mechanical, electronic and electrical industries.

High viscosity dimethyl silicone oil: suitable for processing aids in rubber, plastics and coatings industries, which can improve product performance and stability.

To sum up, dimethicone has become an indispensable and important substance in the chemical industry due to its unique physical and chemical properties, excellent characteristics and wide range of applications. Whether in industrial production or daily life, dimethicone plays an important role, bringing convenience and comfort to people’s lives.

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