Kitchen Catcher, new game

  • We have a brand new game, Kitchen Catcher!

  • Tilt your device from side to side to move your basket to collect the falling objects. Don’t let your basket get too full!

  • When your basket is nearly full, a trash can icon will appear next to the food bar. Click it, and your basket will empty.

  • The basket has a wrap-around stay in frame feature as some food will fall at the same time, at 2 different ends of the screen. This makes it possible to collect them.

  • Play here:

  • Keep note: the game does get harder as you progress through the game.

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Hi @Network5! This really Great game!:+1: Please also add the control for the computer and WEB. It will be convenient to do this using the “Listener /Touch Down/Right Arrow” and “Listener /Touch Down/Left Arrow” parameter, so as not to disturb the appearance in the game.


Just added it, let us know what you think! :slight_smile:

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Good!:+1: I think you need to the little increase the speed of the player (Move Left and Move Right).

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Will do! Thank you for the review!

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…No problem!:wink:

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