ZomCade World! [Not finished]

This is a zombie game I made for 3 days straight with things breaking sometimes but I managed to do this. It is not done but I’m half way there.



When i click the link, the project loads for aprox 20 seconds and a message comes up saying “This project can’t be played offline at the moment, check you have a connection to the internet”
There’s nothing wrong with my wifi, NBN.
It’s like the Ready app gives up dowloading a project if it takes longer than 20 seconds.


Works great for me! A good start :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap: I like the logic in this game, I would also add an animation of the beat and walk.

I also wanted to draw attention to the fact that if you use a huge number of objects in the scene, your game will take a long time to load. The best solution is to use spawn functions of new objects and enemies. We use this feature quite often in our video tutorials.


Ok I’ll use a random object and make it spawn zombies in different places!


This Is Okay But There Is Some Issues. Please Don’t Think I’m Making Fun Of You

  1. You’re Not Using The Face Forward Thing For The Player’s Joystick.

  2. The Knife Hitbox Is Too Close To The Player.

  3. The Doors Can Be Pushed At The Start Of The Game. There Should Be Durability For The Doors So If They’re Damaged Enough They Will Break.

  4. The Noclip Upgrade Is Too OP And Should Be Nerfed, You Can Find The Original Zombie That Is Being Cloned And Kill Him.


Im going to make a remake of it because at the time of make the game i didnt know what “face forward” ment but i started learning.


I recommend that you remix and continue working from there. @Creep5432 is a real expert and gave you some great tips - glad to see you’re taking advantage! :+1: