Why does the entire project break?

I have a very simple project.

I think it has 8 lines of code currently.

When i duplicated objects, the system created duplicate lines of code, all of which were redundant and not related to the new objects function. So i removed them. Only, now its all broken. The RNG counter spawns ceaselessly (why is it defaulted to a loop state instead of an instance?), an object which is in the heirarchy and kinda important to the game no longer is in the list of assets for code, and it all runs like the pieces are trying to move over sandpaper. This was supposed to be a prototype of a Super Simple game with only 3 objects. I suppose i could rebuild it, but meh. The fun is dead.

The last 5 or 6 times i have tried to use Ready it has ended in frustration, maybe its time to fire the PC up again and start using more tools. I would use Ready on my PC but find that it is much less stable than the Android build. It gets old rebooting the program after every upload.

I love the tablet based game design, but its got a long ways to go to be comparable to more mature tech. At some point i believe that there will be mobile design tools that allow for AAA game development, a mobile Unity or UnrealEngine…my tablet is faster and more capable than the systems those engines were developed on, and i won a keychain and a soundcard with a map i made on a 800mhz system with a voodoo5 card in the first Make Something Unreal contest, lol…greatest business move ever, shipping the engine with Unreal.

Here is that busted project, just a rock paper scissors idea, nothing appears to be wrecked, but yet it is. Still cant figure out why i couldnt select ‘scissor spawn’ instead of scissor c1…it just doesn’t show up in the listed assets, even though its in the heirarchy and seems set up correctly.


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So so strange…

I’ve been on the forums for several months now, and I’ve seen this happen several times. It’s a problem I see from time to time.

For most players, it should be extremely rare to have a broken game :thinking: duplicating the objects does duplicate the code, which is frustrating. This has happened to use before. @Ready can this be fixed soon if possible? :slight_smile:

My team and I have only had 1 incident of a broken game that almost stopped working completely.

It was our tennis Bounce game. Basically, you were a ball that bounced on the sides of your mobile screen and you earned a point if you hit a plane at the bottom of the screen.

The ball couldn’t detect the plane and wouldn’t score, and you’d always lose. Even one of our assets from the store in the game couldn’t detect the plane that killed you, so you were invincible (this glitch was sadly not detected by us when published)

However, we got lucky and restarted the code for some objects and deleted the plane to bounce off of to earn a point. We replaced the plane and it worked fine! Redid the code for the broken players as well! We fixed those glitches a few months ago. Try that maybe?

We have a game called runner.io as well. This game wasn’t published broken, but during development, it seriously was extremely broken. Players would flash and would increase in size infinitely. Like I said, we restarted the code and it was fixed.

In some cases, if you aren’t lucky, you sadly do have to restart.

Hopefully ready can fix this issue soon, as it’s been an issue for months now.

Sometimes it can be from bad internet. Has your internet been having issues lately maybe? @Watersharer

I usually appreciate the code duplication, when it works. Sometimes its not what you need, and it simply doesnt come out gracefully after it duplicates itself.

My guess is that a lot of issues come from the entire system running as cloud based…issues around clous saves and updates getting garbled in the constant back and forth as you build. Plus the issues it creates with content uploads, i have the content on my side but cant use it until the server side updates, ect…i notice i can work faster than the app can refresh when i am really getting into it. It has pluses and minuses.

I built the first dozen games quickly, just frameworks mostly to try making stuff happen onscreen, but it appears that for any real app release worthy stuff it has to get pushed to Unity, and at that point it starts to make sense just to learn there too, and take advantage of the vastly superior toolset.

ReadyMaker is pretty cool, seems like it has potential to get even better. Adding the UE4 side gives another stream of users, game development is popular i hear…although the forum here is mostly crickets…i think the reality is that its a whole lot easier to play games than make them, and this isnt the easiest tool to learn from a dead start, although its probably one of the easiest i have ever seen.

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This one never even got objects or code…the cloud texture goes pixellated after a minute or so…no reason, its a vector graphic, all it has is the scrolling texture behavior, and it just goes to crap on its own. Brand new project, nothing in it to even point at and blame. And the longer it runs, the worse the performance gets. Memory leaks, whatever…its certainly a game killer.

Man i really like Ready Maker, but i just cant use it



Absolutely stunning background.

That’s only a mobile issue for it going pixelated. Mentioned it several months back. Didn’t get fixed in any recent updates sadly, but hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Thanks, i was only a couple minutes into making it when i noticed the issue, it would have had much more detail and visual interest when finished

Unfortunately for the texture bug and me, all i develop for is mobile since thats the real market for 2d games. Who carries a PC around anymore? And 2-3 years from now i predict both consoles and PC’s are a dead market…why do i need a PS5 when my phone is faster, more powerful and can cast to huge screens or VR glasses or just its own insanely good screen at 120hz, and can already work with just about any controller? Oh, and billions of people carry phones vs. 100m consoles sold on Sony’s best day. Even Sony will see that logic soon, and just switch to making pure software and giving up on hardware. Hardware is expensive, risky, and has a terrible shelf life. Games can sell forever, just ask Baldurs Gate from 1994 still happily selling millions of copies on Google Play.

And that phone is already on the market. Just wait till next year.


Technology is definitely a humongous market. However, PCs will still blast off in 2-3 years. PCs are growing just like mobile phones, and they’re a top market - just like phones.

I mainly use iOS for Ready. I don’t use PC for ready unless I need to export to unity.

However, I am using Unity for my PC to develop my own game “Ball World 3D.” I have a whole topic on it on the forums.

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Yes, problem with pixalization for the mobile we need fix after next release

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Pc sales are down every year since 2012, or about when tablets arrived. Sales are not going to come back, tablets are easier to carry than laptops and new tablets are pretty ridiculous in terms of power.

It takes a while for dinosaurs to die, little bitty brains and all…you might look at tge specs on the new Razer2 phone, its a gaming PC for your pocket.

Richard Feynmann…there is a name from history that actually matters. ‘Plenty of room at the bottom’ he once said…and i tried 20 years ago to spread the news, these days everyone knows the term nanotech, but few actually understand what it means.

Smaller is better, faster, lower power, cheaper, the list goes on and on. Ever wonder why massive, awesome UHD tv’s and so many electronic devices are dirt cheap? Cause they are made from dirt, cheap. Welcome to the beginnings of nanotech.

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Does this mean 2 releases in the future? Not slated for next release, but possibly the one after?

So maybe in the summer of next year, 6 months or so?


Hi @Watersharer - yes, i mean after 1 - 2 releases in the future. (Within 1 -2 months).

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I saw the ball world thread, nd i have also played with that demo.

In the app store, i have found dozens of variations on that demo, most fairly easily recognizable as based off the demo which is hilarious. And together they totaled 10s of millions of downloads.

In fact, i notice in my research a very solid trend, game companies that started with a couple 2d games that were variants of existing tutorials or demo, just change the art a bit or mechanics maybe, and then after getting a bit of income stream moving on to better tools and assets, and bigger projects. I doubt i would ever try to tackle a rpg or mmo type game solo, but i would make 50 games that were simple to make the money to hire people to make an rpg. I have a 20 year old game idea that i still havent seen from anyone else, and it would rock, but it wouldnt be a solo project, unless it ate my life, and im not that serious about it.

I hope you continue your game dev company, and wish you luck, the trail has been laid out to follow and its not hard to see. Just keep adding to your personal skillsets, that knowledge travels with you from engine to engine.


Mine is gonna be a lot different, don’t worry :slight_smile:

Oh, i certainly didnt mean anything negative, its an awesome way to get into in…i was just looking at VooDoo games, they have 4 or 5 rollerball games, totalling over 30 million downloads…thats serious money on ad revenue.


That’s okay! I took nothing offensive :grin:

I agree - there’s a whole lot of games with rolling balls. Some being on the top games for weeks and weeks.

This will be a PC game, and will be mobile much after the PC launch. It won’t have ads and may just have a one-time payment to download. However, we have a surprise just for the ready community for this :wink: I’m sure you can probably guess.

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