What's wrong with this game


I’m trying to making an educational game but I’m having two problems

  • when you start the game some elements cloned 3 times .

  • after second 130 all clones operations stopped.



Hey - took a look at the game. First off all, it’s really really beautiful! I couldn’t read the instructions, but I got the idea of collecting the even number circles, correct?

Anyway, a few ideas on the glitches…

Modify the parameters for game elements cloning to say something like WHEN system run time ran more than 1 second AND some other condition DO clone game elements. This will stop them from cloning on system start- and could resolve the issue. You can consider tweaking the system run time from 1 second to something less, or more. Try it.

Ready has a maximum of 200 clones in a scene. So you must “destroy” your clones when they’re no longer needed, otherwise you will “run out”. I imagine this is what’s happening by 130 seconds. To do this, assuming your clones are all in a class, say WHEN class object existed longer than X seconds, DO affected clone / destroy clone. The X should be the amount of time needed for the clone to pass trough the screen, so like 5 seconds should be good. Again, you can tweak this.

Let me know if this helps.



I see you’re not using Classes! Ahhhh… please do. It will solve all this cloning stuff. Take a look at the “classes” tutorial in the forum for use with cloning.


thanks a lot david i’m really appropriate your help


Share the project again when you’ve made changes so we can see. You have really good design.



thanks for your replying but i still encounter some problems

1 - the game became so heavy and slow after second 30.

2- the victory sound and the fail sound not working even if i make end of loop by making the decision false after playing sound .



Also how can i make the game stop exactly at second 60


last update



Hey - I played the latest update and did not encounter your problems! :blush:

  • At is 60 seconds, the game stopped as you want.

  • I had no problems with the sound effects- the music seemed to play properly.

  • The game did not slow down after 30 seconds.

Question: what kind of device are you on? I played on high end- mac powerbook and iPhone X- so these are fast processors. If you’re on a low end machine it is possible that it could be lagging. One option to speed performance is to go to every object and change the collider to either “Box” or “Circle” from “Polygon”. This will greatly reduce computing overhead- so the numbers could get “circle” collider and the fish “box”. Try please.


thanks for your replying and here’s the last update


and i have very important question how to get the value of score label for example and assign it to counter and then make Arithmetic operations using this values and at last assign the result to text box to display it


The game is looking really awesome! I need some more detail from you- I can’t actually read the new instruction screen- what language is it in, and what does it say?

There’s a new function in Ready called “Global Variables” that can do arithmetic. I think through this method, what you want to do is possible. But since I don’t understand the instructions, I’m a bit stuck understanding what is the arithmetic you are trying to do.

Separately, some other feedback…

  • The ‘start card’ is a little big on a mobile phone (see screen shot at the bottom)- you might want to reduce it’s size by about 10%. Have you play tested your project on mobile already? This is an iPhone X that I tested on.

  • The background scene has a visible “seam” between the end and start- it would be nice if you found an image that had the same scene at the end and start- this would create a “seamless” illusion of swimming through water. I got a screen shot showing the “seam”, pasted at the bottom.

  • It’s unclear how the scene actually starts when the card is displayed- it appears to be on a timer, correct? A better solution would be a “Start” button, so the user could take time reading the card, before starting the game manually.

  • I noticed that instantly on start the game seems to clone 3 numbers and an enemy fish- that’s pretty intense. Maybe delay the first cloning for 1 second or even 2 seconds, so the user can get used to swimming on their own- then face enemies / objectives after that.

Hope this helps.


Take a look at this project I made and let me know if it helps you: https://ready.app.link/SdBXefxDdM.

You need to use a global variable for this, with it you can perform sums and subtractions. You can also set the value of the score label or text box to be the same as the global variable. If you need to do something more complex let me know and I will try to help you :grinning:



Thanks @victoroda! @3d_mind - to remix Victor’s project, open the link from this forum on a mobile device running Ready- it will load natively and then you can remix from there.


totally give up

after many tries and errors i deiced to remove all events and begin from scratch

but still facing with two big issues

1 - when user hit start all original objects comes from right at once then i decide to hide them

but in this case i will not be able to remove clones

2 - i can’t unhide any object using events if it attached to jump behavior



This post might help you.
Have the clones created in a different place from the original and have them all in a class.
If class member is left of target sprite, move left etc…(as an example)

If the original is right of target sprite, then the original won’t move and stay off screen.
Then you can code whatever that destroys the clone.

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that’s great
i’m very thankful


Although i change the values of counters to stop the loop but it’s still working




I quickly made this for you to see the code. It might help you.
Tap the 'TAPP" button to make the air balloon rise.
Colliding with a plane causes a minus 3 to the score.
Colliding with the “Ballooneys” ads 1 to the score.
The Planes/Ballooneys are gone after 60 seconds.
Click “START” to Start.
During the last 5 seconds or so some lag might start happening.
You’ll see i don’t use a “TIMER” . I use a COUNTER instead.

@davidsol @Ready
This game runs smoothly with the READY program on pc.
When played through a browser (Chrome and Edge) it lags badly and glitches with creating the clones at the correct place.
If you’d like me to record a video of the game running through the browsers, let me know.

I don’t know the performance on an Ipad.
@kirill2 Can you test the link with the READY app and tell me if the game runs smoothly?

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@Suzzy-Grey try to reduce the resolution of the game elements using Photoshop maybe this help


this doesn’t make sense is there’s any other solution please to stop this loop

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