Whats the best way to make a bot

I just want to make a simple square racecar that operates on its own making it to the finish line
What event line would i use and stuff like that thanks

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Upload a race track sprite.
Upload a car sprite.
Add “Move Recorder” behaviour to the car sprite.
Draw a path around the race track with the car sprite and have the “Move Recorder/Show Path” on.
Make the path finish at the same place it starts.

Or make some waypoint sprites around the track.
When car overlaps sprite 1, point towards sprite 2, etc.
Forever have the car move forwards if a Counter = 1
You could have the waypoint sprites move slightly to make the cars path more unpredictable

One more question is the canvas size ur camera or where u can build?

It’s your camera viewport. You can build outside the canvas and move to that area during run time (or not). The event manager gives you camera controls.

Thank u very much u guys are one of the best engine developers at responding to forums easy to understand and fast