What are the best choices to select from for an SDK without having to wait hours for a download?

I selected everything just not TVS.

I want the oldest device to the current device.

How long are SDK downloads normally?

Do I need to download stuff before my SDK?

I have been waiting 7 hours and still downloading…

I have high speed internet and a full extra space in my D Drive of 1 TB.

it does not always depend on your internet speed. For example for me - I installed all the necessary packages in 5 hours. You may have another time.

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5 hours… and another time?

5 hours for me in 2018. But it means absolutely nothing …

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Wow that’s a long time lol these things can never take an hour to two hours?

Anyway to download this in the background then?

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No :slightly_smiling_face:! You can minimize the window for the sdk manager and work with other programs in the meantime

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Besides the long wait time I don’t mind the SDK lol

You must be so use to waiting on the SDK by now lol

If I leave my SDK downloading and I leave my computer and my screen shutdowns will this affect the download causing it to fail?

Or I need to always be at my device for the download?

And if I gotta always be at my device for the download is there away to keep my computer from shutting down after a certain amount of time?