What are good Game Development Laptop Computers with a lot of Disk Space?

I’m building games for Android , iOS , Windows , Facebook , Microsoft Store , PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop and Steam what are good computers that have a ton of space in the OS C Drive and other drives.

I’m building my games that are 2D with Ready and 3D with Unity and Maya.

I need a massive amount of disk space on my computer also how much do these computers cost?


From personal experience, I use a $300 laptop and it suffers many times when I use Unity.

I’m making Ball World 3D, and updates have been so slow and I’ve had many crash issues, and storage issues. There’s so much bloatware and makes it very frustrating to even use Unity. There’s days where I just don’t even try and wait til another time as I really need to upgrade my computer.

Unity is very very very heavy, and Ball World 3D is sooooooo heavy as well. Theres over 2000 individually placed assets, and more to come. If I made a smaller game this wouldn’t be an issue, but this is a game I really want to make.

My computer still CAN make the game, don’t get me wrong- I just have to go get stuff added to it :sweat_smile:

I recommend devices with over 32GB of storage- which is what I have :confused: definitely not enough for unity if you’re making a big game.


Don’t forget about the crash issues you keep mentioning too! @Dravin


^ those are the worst when you add a new feature and have to restart if you didn’t save before Unity crashes.


I’m guessing your running on SSD + HDD.

Edit : 300$ laptop ya dude you gotta run SSD + HDD for bigger games you will avoid crashes.