Web version not working

Hi, the web version of Ready Maker at https://www.getready.io/web is not working. Thanks, great tool! :clap::clap:

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Hello! This not correct the link, please click to the “Share” button when you play project in the “My Projects” Tab and paste the link again.

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Hi, I mean the link to use Ready Maker on the web is not working. Thanks.

Hi @cesarmdq - this:

not working for you?

Try use this method:
1)Save you project
2)Tap to Exit
3)Play the your project in the “My Project” tab
4)Click the “Share” button


On which the device does this not work for you?

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Sometimes, the web version does not work and you can see the difference when used in the android or the ios version where we get to see some lag and for more information go to kaspersky antivirus error 1922


I can not say exactly what caused the problem for your device. On our side, there are no bugs or malicious programs that the antivirus should block.

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