Version 2.5.32 (last) Windows10 - Survey

Hello Everybody,

Following my topic (13 days ago) Can’t make Ready Maker Working
I was new with ReadyMaker and wanted anyway try to make something, I installed the précédent version 2.5.31 as it was suggested to me.

I have made a game for my grandson (who is autistic) to recognize letters and speach them.
This game is working fine and thank’s to this forum who helps me to grant it. :+1: :+1:
You can watch it in this video :

Now, I want to make a jigsaw puzzle with his mom and his dad photography.
No problem to load everything, place the scene, images, pieces etc…

I am just blocked with one problem : How to know if a piece is at the right place ?

I made some test and researches and I discover a new capacity offered by the new version who is ‘Edit Collider’. That’s what I needed !!!

So I come back to try the 2.5.32 version on all my Windows10 computers (3 + 1 virtual machinee/HyperV) all up to date and working perfectly, for Internet I have a gigabit fiber connexion.

NOWAY TO MAKE IT WORKING :frowning_face: :sob:

Yesterday, I discover I was not alone to have this problem :
Can’t return to saved project
So I decided to write this topic today (sorry it’s quite long, but in this difficult time, we have time to read).

These videos shows what’s happening when I try to make something with the last version.
I used another account to don’t risk anything with my projrcts working.
I made a very little game with a ball and a gorilla and it was working fine as I don’t return to the Dashboard (when you quit the creating page) - Follow the link below to see the firs stage

At the end I was waiting the game loading…
In this second video, long time ago, I tried to remix the game…everything blank


So I appologise for using your time to reading me and I thank’s in advance all person from you who will help me.

Help Me… please Help Me :guitar: :guitar:

So, take care of you and I hope reading something from you.



Sorry… but my links are not working there !!

First video is Here

The image of building the puzzle game, here

Second one here

And the third one…here

It’s the first time I used the link’s

Se you…


You are doing a marvellous job to assist in teaching your grandson according to his needs and the way he perceives things. I suggest you tag @Ready in your posts to grab their attention and though they might take some time to get back to you they always do. Good luck and keep us updated about your progress!


Hi @jean_claude! First of all, I wanted to say that your first game looks really amazing! :clap: :clap: :clap: Regarding problems in the latest version on your computers, we are still investigating this problem and trying to find a solution. This is a specific bug that does not appear on all PCs and is difficult to reproduce.

Regarding your question about the location of colliders in the right place, there is one way that will work well for 2.5.32 version. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. It is necessary to add a new object to the scene, which we will use as a collider for our player (Let’s assume we take an circle object and set a circle collider for it)
  2. Make this object invisible when starting the scene (Circle/Appearance/Opacity/0%)
  3. Create an event that will be updated every frame and put a circle (Our collider) in the necessary position relative to our player, here is an example:


 System/Runtime/Repeat/Every Frame


 Circle/Position/Set Position To Object/Player
 Circle/Position/Move Up/0.5 
 Circle/Position/Move Right/0.7

In this event, we move our circle (Collider) to the position of our player and at the same time move it up and to the right, so you can set the collider relative to your player to the position necessary for this.

I hope this helps you, your games look great, do not hesitate to ask questions if you have other problems, we will try to help you.


Hi @Ziadjbt78 an @Ready,

Thank you for your support and appreciation of my games.

I have already found a collider solution not in your way but that’s works.
I have put a join between the puzzle piece and a tiny circle in the center and also one tiny circle at the good position and the circles are made invisible. In the events I can check the collision of the two tiny circles… That’s work fine but time consuming (x2)

For the PC problem and last version, it’s seems that when you comme back after saving and closing, your server don’t find the account assets and project !!!

I hope you can find the solution, you have seen I am not alone in this case.
If I could help in any maneer… ask me



Another idea came to me…

The Android last version works fine. May be I can install Android X86 emulator on my PC ?

What do you think about that ?


Yes, that would be a good idea, I wonder how it will work for your computer.

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