Upload the Background

This is how you upload and modify the Background:

Upload Background

This is an example of triggering the Background with an event:

Upload Background2

I have just uploaded a new background, i wanted to add a behaviour to it as i did in the SpaceChicken tutorial but it has proven impossible as there seems to way to bring up the right hand menu for the background when upload a new space background.
I would like to add the Scrollable texture to the background but i can not edit the background in any way apart from changing the colour.
Please can you tell me how i can add a behaviour to my background that i have uploaded.
Thank you

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Hey there @flatdogzim!

Seems like you uploaded as an actual background, not an asset.

Sadly, you cannot edit actual backgrounds too much.

Instead of making it as an actual background, upload the object as an actual asset (make sure background is turned off when uploading).

Then, once it’s placed, edit the asset to the background layer. This can be found in the layers section on the settings for the asset.

Then go to behaviors, scrollable texture, and then that’s it!

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Thank you very much this works perfectly.