Upload Projects in app

It would Be Useful for you To Upload your games to the ready maker app because this forum is a bit unknown

To Upload Your Project You Have To Go To Your Project And You’ll Find A Publish Button Tap On The Button To Publish Your Game You Will Recive A Random Code For Your Game

You Will Find The Game On A New Page And You Can Search The Name Or By A Code

Your Game Will Have 3 Strikes (To Prevent People Abusing The Flag Option) If Someone Flags Your Game You Will Lose A Strike.
If You Lose All 3 Of Them Your Game Will Be Pulled Off The Public And You Can’t Reupload It :fearful:

You Can Also Prevent People From Remixing Your Game

And There Are Filters Most Favorites, :+1: Most Loved, :heart: Relevant To Your Search, :mag_right: And Most Recent :baby:


Unless you are planning to turn your Ready game into an Apk or pc game to make money, i don’t see a problem with other Ready users being able to see a projects code and remixing it.
I agree that being able to look up Ready users games to play would be great, like what can be done on the Scratch website.


Good recommendations :+1: Thanks!


This was exactly my thought as well. If the whole point of publishing is to get games to a broader audience, then blocking remixing feels like it goes against the spirit of sharing and helping fellow community members learn.

I do really like @Creep5432’s suggestion. It would make it much easier for me to share projects with my students in environments where sharing links has its own challenges. Here again, though, a system for organizing projects is very important. Separate pages (and/or folders), codes and search will make all the difference in how useful the feature is.


Folders Could Be A Good Idea And Would Be Useful If You Have More Than 10 Pages Of Projects