Update: ReadyMaker 2.5.28(178) now available!


Windows 32 bit Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fDpEgd7mXiPJkd_e1oJjqRyyqoQDoWBi/view?usp=sharing

Hello Ready Makers!

A new update has been released (2.5.28(178)). Please find the changelist below:

  • Better control of particles - you can set them behind and in front of an object, and control particle size via actions in the event manager
  • Fixed a bug related to cloned objects and related events
  • Minor bug fixes

Downloads for other platforms are accessible in app stores and at https://www.getready.io/download

Happy making!

Не совместима с маей версии что делать? Not compatible with May version what to do?