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Due to the limit of a maximum of 3 consecutive replies, I was not able to share another update in the Unity Visual Scripting topic, so I am sharing here
Dial it up to 11 with Unity HDRP!

Unity and Creative Victoria as part of the Melbourne International Games Week would like to invite you to its next live webinar session on Friday October 9th at 10.30am to 11am (Melbourne AEST) via Zoom and YouTube Live

Come and learn how you can take your existing projects to the next visual level. In this short and sweet session, we’ll use a brand-new template project (think of the blocks you built with as a child) for Unity 2019.4 and convert it from the built-in render pipeline to Unity’s new High Definition Render Pipeline. We’ll also show you how to step up the visuals with post processing volumes and Ray Tracing.

To register please Click here!

Please note that the Q&A is only available for users joining on Zoom.

f you have missed any of our previous webinars, you can watch the recordings on our YouTube Channel.

Please email us at events_sapac@unity3d.com if you have further questions.

You can also join our discussion board in Discord.

See you soon!

The Unity Team


This is a cool update! Unity HDRP is amazing and there’s so many cool things you can do with that. However, personally I use URP.

Also: is the 3 consecutive replies a new feature on this forum? If so, I think that needs to be removed. Especially when people try to provide updates to their games or things like this. This forum does not have any problems, even with spam. :slightly_frowning_face: @Ready


Agreed @Dravin because if anyone wants to share updates within a single game, he/she would have to wait after 3 replies that if someone replies, then the next update may be shared.


I can see how it would be spam, but my idea is that it should be allowed if posts are shared every few days.

Now I can understand 3 consecutive replies in 1-2 days, but one message every 3-7+ days is not spam at all.

I think there should be a limit on how much can be sent a day rather than just 3 replies and then you’re done sending messages in that thread :frowning:


Yeah I agree @Dravin


@Dravin I now get this feature. You cannot post more than 3 consecutive replies to a SINGLE post, instead, you could post the fourth reply to another post on the same topic. I am not sure whether I am right, but that is how far I understand


Hi Guys! I changed the “Max consecutive replies” parameter, now you can send a 10 replies instead 3! :metal:


Great! Thanks @Ready this would certainly help


Thank you so much! @Ready :grin:


By the way, unity has a discord server:

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Hi! I received another webinar update (email from Unity):