Unable to create new account

I am unable to create a new account.
I put my details in, click ‘Create New Account’, the busy wheel spins for literally a second, maybe two and then disappears and nothing happens. The details page just sits there doing nothing.
I am using a school laptop. I have also had the exact same thing on one of the classroom PCs as well. The obvious thing is that it might be blocked but I’ve been assured by our IT tech that both getready and kandu have been whitelisted, not just here in the school but at the main server at County Hall as well.They have also assured me that the wildcard is added to each.
The Ready website doesn’t load in here either (using Chrome). The page comes up plain white with the black text loaded in but no images. When I view the site at home, again in Chrome, there are colourful background images.
Interestingly I can log in and use Maker with my Google Account on the same school laptop. Unfortunately, I want to run classes and for this the pupils will need to use their school email addresses and not a google account (if they even have them).
I’m at a loss. The Lunchtime Games Dev club is on hold until I can get this sorted.

If you need more info, please let me know.



Hi Wayne! Probably the problem appears on your side, on our side there are no problems with creating an account. Try using home internet for this or some other.


That’s odd??

It really does sound like Ready is indeed blocked- but you said the school said it’s not?

How is the internet connection at the school?

Is it possible that the administrators could double check if ready is blocked or not? :thinking: