Thunkable and cloud saving

I only wrote the end of the title to exceed the 15 character minimum

Dear Thunkable team,

                               I recently moved to ready maker, from thunkable, purely because it didn't work on mobile that worked REALLY well, it had export to apk (without unity) , google maps, google translate, you could put ads in, firebase, use files from the device and much, much, more. 

I recommend you see what i’m talking about. the only thing that made made me make the switch is the fact that you couldn’t edit on PC. so, i switched to this, so I didn’t have to borrow my mom’s PC every time I wanted to work on my cloud based chatting app.

So my mom decided to buy me a PC, and they came out with a mobile editor.

Nothing is really stopping me from moving, back except from the fact that i am building an app with my new-found friend, and he uses readymaker.

I hope that you will attempt to make ready maker as in-depth as thunkable, starting with cloud savin (firebase and/or aws) one thing I do hope that you do differently, is I hope that you don’t require a premium subscription for these features like they do. i really do appreciate you guys keeping it all free.

Thanks, Andrew


…Thanks Andrew! :+1: