Things I would like to have in ready maker

Event folders.

Event folders are folders where you can store events!
These days some projects might have up to 50 (or more) events
If you want to troubleshoot something it might take a while just to find the events
The only thing that we have is renaming the events but when you copy something
Over and over it will make a bunch of events that you don’t really want to see
With folders you can put all of that in one place!

  1. Terrain Gen behavior.

If you want to generate an object infinitely
You put the behaviour on top of the object
And then you select the chance of the object spawning
Now folders become handy once the terrain generates
You will have a ton of events so puting all of that in one place is useful.


@DanGaming! Thanks for the good suggestions! :+1:

  • We already thought about ideas with folders. In fact, at the moment we are just folding events, so you do not need to spend a lot of time to get to the bottom. 50 events fit in a short list.

  • I really liked the second idea, probably we will add it to the list of new features for the future.


@Ready I thought I recalled requests for managing events from back when we first created the suggestion box, but I’m not really finding those posts. I agree with @DanGaming that more ability to manage events would be extremely useful. In addition to folders, I’d love to have the ability to resequence them - both for controlling the logic flow as well as to keep them better organized.

Also, would you ever consider giving us a proper if-else? It can be done currently but requires much redundancy in the conditions.

And finally, I do love @DanGaming’s suggestion of modularizing object spawning. It’s such a common pattern and it’d be very handy to not have to build it each time.


This is a great idea :+1:, but it requires serious refinement of the interface and processing of event construction logic. We have not thought about it yet. The remaining features are already on our backlog list.


I do realize the challenges in implementing if-else in Ready, but maybe some of your engineers want to start mulling it over :wink:

And thanks for including the other features. I am really looking forward to being able to re-order events! :slight_smile: