The site is very slow


When I use Ready and try the game, it’s very slow. I don’t get why, my computer isnn’t that old.


What game are you running? Perhaps the project you use has a large number of assets? In fact, this is strange, since all projects should work smoothly. (Optimal system requirements: Cor-i5, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB Video)


I tried many games :slight_smile: Also many of them seems with bugs.
A big “R” appears on the screen instead of a “block”.

Did I download the wrong version? I will test.

Thanks for your fast answear.


No problem! It seems to be a problem with foreign traffic (Perhaps your internet provider provides low bandwidth), I think assets are loaded for a long time for you or can not be loaded.


I’am from France. It might be the reason so.


If it’s important for you or can help you.
I see this:


Yeah, this happens because the assets not uploading for you from the server. (Slow Interner connection with a USA server)