Text boxes not selectable in update 2.5.32

Dear Ready Team,

First off, I really, really love the enhanced collider management in the new update (and I’m still trying to understand the classes update).

But there’s a troublesome bug that came along with the update, affecting ReadyMaker for iOS and Android. We’ve confirmed it on two ipads and several dozen Chromebooks. The bug is that textboxes do not receive focus when clicked/tapped, so editing sprite names is not possible and even worse, entering some events is not possible, as in the example below.

Note that we observed the bug only on mobile devices. On Mac the bug was not observed and Windows we haven’t tried yet.

I hope you can prioritize fixing this bug because it makes many projects impossible to work on and most projects are very awkward. Thank you!


Hi @auntiel! Thank you very much for this information, I have already created a ticket to fix this for the our ingenering team. It seems to be happening only for mobile devices. I can’t say right now when a new build will appear with a fix for this error, but I hope that we won’t have to wait long for this.


Thank you very much @Ready! We’re very much looking forward to the fix and hope it is very soon :slight_smile:


Yes, this already updated for the Android and the new build available in the store! IOS just wait confirmation in the ITunes


Thank you @Ready and dev team! The fix works great on my android phone. Looking forward to the update for ios! :+1: