Tennis Bounce Game

Hello everyone! A few of us here have made a new game called “Tennis Bounce.”

Press the orange button to spawn a black line for the ball to bounce off of to score a point! Participate in challenges and choose your own avatar as well!

Play here: Tennis Bounce is now released to the public! Watch our short promo video here:

Play here:


Your game loads quick and plays well through the Chrome browser.

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Thank you! We like to hear that!

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Can you fix the url to the game? That way I can open it on my phone and play in the app instead of web. Thanks!

Not a problem @davidsol

Try this: [](http://Tennis Bounce)

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This looks pretty great, I am not good at it so far, but I am determined to get better.

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Thank you @FLGHawkeye

Practice makes perfect! Some of our beta testers weren’t so great at it either, but they got used to it eventually :grin: