Suzzy's official "Ready Games"
(made for touch screen devices)


Rotate your beetle with the arrow buttons to move and eat cookies to score, as well as keeping the beetle’s health bar full.
A rival bee is also flying around to eat the cookies too.

The game ends when the beetles health bar is empty.

Update coming soon with fixes you requested


I made it to 95 points! :+1:

Great game. I just have 2 recommendations. I use an iPhone 7 and the arrows are pretty small on my device. Is it okay if you increase the size of the arrows just a bit cuz it is a bit hard to press them.

Also can the player and enemies speed be a tad bit faster? Doesn’t have to be, that’s just personal preference.

Overall I really like the game! :grinning::+1:


New link on 1st post.
Faster movement, bigger arrows, further apart.
Let me know your experience


I got to 200 points! :grinning:

Thank you for listening to my recommendations! It’s much smoother to play now. I really enjoyed it! I didn’t have issues with the arrows. The faster speed really helps out a lot.

I really like the AI of the enemy. They are quite smart! I also love the random generations when one cookie is eaten. Balances things out :+1:


I like this game, interesting logic :+1::slightly_smiling_face: