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I’ll be posting videos and gifs i make with READY and other software.

This video is of a game i call “CANON SCORER”

The canon fires a ball that can collide with the walls 6 times before being destroyed.
The players score increases by 1,2 or 3 when the ball collides with that number.
Hopefully this game will be made with READY

(the numbers are randomly placed when the game resets)




I love logic games!:+1: For this game, it would probably be nice to use global variables with the generation of a random number



Very interesting logic should come out :+1:! We will wait for the final result. I think using a counter is the right decision. It is also maybe to simplify the task, you can use different classes for blocks or also the counters to determine the height of the clone when colliding.

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@franzsian @TriStarsGames
Here’s a link to the cannon scorer game, playable on pc, and made with Construct…



I love the simplicity of it and how the tank points towards the mouse.



Here is the Slenderman game i mentioned to make.

Slenderman is in a random position each time the game starts.
Your HP decreases if he can see you.
You have 6 arrows you can shoot by clicking right mouse button.
If you hit SLenderman, there will be a blood stain where he was.
Slenderman is invisible.
If all 6 arrows have been used, all trees are destroyed and Slenderman will be visible.
This seems hard at first, but after a few games you start to develop a strategy.

Do you think this would be cool in 3D from a 1st person view in Unity?



I’m gonna try this out. I’ll let you know

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This is really cool. I agree, it is hard. I can’t beat it, but I’m trying :joy: I got very close once.

If this was 3D that would be really cool! I’m thinking about how the first 3D slender man game came out. Super big hit. I was a big fan of it, and still am. I’m thinking of it’s design along with this. It would be really cool to have your health go down and you see him, and you receive a jumpscare later on or something. Like he will disappear and bam, he’s back but you get a jumpscare.

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Thanks. He could be invisible until you get close, then he becomes visible.
Every 30 secs there could be a scary noise to signal he has moved to a different place on the map.
Instead of being invisible, there can be a grey fog in game, similar to his color to make it hard to see him from a distance.

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This is a really cool game idea that you have! Do you know any 3D software for games that you’d like to try it out on to show what it could be like? That would be awesome!!

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No, sadly.
I can make a better version of my Slenderman game with the ideas listed here implemented.
That will be more fun/scary to play with better sound effects and some suspense music playing.
If it’s fun to play, then later you might consider making a Unity version.

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Ooh definitely! :wink: i would love to see a 3D version of this. I think there is a 3D game dev app on android called “strukd” or something like that if you want to check it out. (That might not be the name, I’m not sure)

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No, thanks. It’s more of a level editor with prefab models, like minecraft.
I’ll have a new version made in a week.

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@Suzzy-Grey - ohhh no - this the bad news, very sorry!:sob::sob::sob: We will always be glad to see you again. You helped us a lot on the forum. Many of your projects look amazing.:clap::clap::clap: I hope you find time for us in the future :roll_eyes:. Thank you very much! :+1:



So sad to have you leave our team and the forums. We will miss you Suzy!! :heart: Ready is correct, you did have amazing projects and you were a huge asset in this community. Good luck on what’s happening!



I’m staying on the forum now as i’ve been inspired by using Unity3D



Yay!!! We are so glad you’re back & learning unity!



Nice thanks but I’m currently looking publishing for APP Store,Google Play Store and Facebook :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can publish to all those stores using
You’ll have to pay for the full version and add on’s for the IOS store at least.
Construct now has a z layer function.
So you can control the depth of the sprite.

Here is a quick look at some features,



The grey cat moves to the green square.
The green square selects a random black square.
The black squares are where the players red square can’t see as view blocked by blue walls.
Grey squares are where the red square can see.
The goal is for the cat to always hide when seen by the red square.
More work needs to be done to stop the cat moving towards the red square when hiding.
@Network5 @Ready