Suggestions and Wish List

Here are a few suggestions of thing and improvement that I would personally love and need in Ready!

If some of you agree or have other ideas, please make sure to give your opinion!

1- Add a mathematical event to allow setting of a variable. This should allow for basic or complex mathematical operations. By example I would like to substract, add numbers, divide, multiply and more.

2- Allow for referencing of more specific variables. By example currently If I want to set an object position to follow ONLY the X position of my finger on screen I need to set the object position to the finger position and move it along the y axis by a unknown distance. This is obviously feasible with other features like the drag system with a locked axis but it makes simple actions complicated when they should be simple.
Game Maker, Construct 2 and other basic engines all allow this.

3- An advanced mode when coding. Some events should be for basic user while some for more advanced and I understand that having access to everything when you first begin learning an engine can be intimidating and refrain you from learning. I would suggest to display all the basic events like they do currently but when selecting events there could be a advanced option displayed, tapping it should display all of the possible events. This would allow for more flexibility and control while designing the games.

4- Coloring functions . When coding, a user might end with several fuinctions, being able to color code the functions would help tremendously to develop quickly medium and large sized projects.

5- Changing functions order. While this might not affect how the game runs in some case , it could be really interesting to be able to drag up and down the functions from the code to order them.

6- Changing condition and events order inside a function. Sometimes comes a need to add a new condition for a already written function, the only way to add a condition before the current one is to add a function , copy to it the first condition and overwhrite the first condition with the new one. This can be really helpfull for long functions.

I have other ideas and suggestions but that will be it for now as I am running out of time and I have to go back to work!


Thanks @Potatobob666! I was sort of waiting for dedicated section as @Ready mentioned they were considering, but I suppose they can move the thread later.

Your items 5 and 6 are at the very top of my own wish list, as well as the general wish for the ability to organize and manage lists - variables, behaviours etc. I’d love to be able to keep things organized for readability, and I’d love to be able to insert conditions and actions into events without having to redo previous lines (more important for actions, but I’d love to be able to keep conditions in order of best readability).

My second top priority is possibly personal preference only, but using the editor’s text boxes drives me nuts. I can get used to most of the quirkiness, but entering negative numbers is a hair-ripping time-consuming ordeal, especially when you’re trial-and-erroring your way through to find coordinate values you like. An empty text box won’t take a minus sign. You have to first enter a positive number then backtrack and enter the minus. That would be annoying but acceptable unless you need to edit the number. Say you have -0.52 and you want to change it to -0.49. If you delete the 5 then the 2, it deletes both the period and the minus, and you basically have to start over with entering zero-dot-four-nine-back-back-back-back-minus. Also, for some reason half the time it doesn’t register the period so you end up with 49 instead of 0.49. It gets old very quickly.

Other wish list items:

  • ability to choose colours by rgba values (I already posted this a while back, also I realized that we already have opacity so simply rgb would be sufficient)

  • precision of input sliders and dials. Most are difficult to slide to precise desired value, some are impossible (example: Physics > Mass goes from 1kg to 4kg). Increase input precision or offer text fields as backup.

  • ability to select stage assets from a list (like Unity’s Hierarchy panel). Sometimes they are too small to select by clicking, or they’re behind something else or they don’t contrast with the background etcetc.

  • ability to see all members of a class (for example, click the class name and all class members are selected or highlighted, or their names are listed)

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Thanks guys!:+1::+1::+1: Your advice is very valuable to us! We will certainly consider all your suggestions. Some of your ideas are already on our list for future updates.

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Getting back to @Potatobob666’s items 1-3 and my own as-yet unposted wish list for related features, I’m really torn because sure, I’d love to have the ability to implement more advanced algorithms, but even more important to me than that is to retain Ready’s imminent usability for non-coder beginners. As-is, Ready/ReadyMaker is both super-neato and a marvelous tool for teaching school-age students how to make games, better than others I’ve looked at. It would be a real shame to add so much complexity that that benefit would be lost. If the Ready team does decide to add more advanced coding features, high on my wish list would be to really shield beginners from them. @Potatobob666 suggests an ‘advanced’ button for events, but maybe there could even be an entire ‘advanced mode’ that you set once when you open the project, instead of littering the editor UI with ‘advanced’ buttons that could be distracting or confusing for beginners.

Just my two cents :blush:

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That’s right, our task is to keep the “Ready” simple, but at the same time expand its functionality as much as possible.


Hi @auntiel and @Potatobob666 - This is a new category for suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:, I moved your wishes here. I also wanted to tell you that we added them to our wish list and they are waiting for their consideration in the order of the queue. Thank you for them, they look very useful :+1: and we will definitely use some of them in the future.:wink:

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Thank you @Ready, this new category is great! There are a couple of other suggestions posts which you might want to move to here as well. At least one is from me and others have posted as well. I’ll see if I can find them.

Hi @Ready, here the other posts I found with suggestions:

1 - this one has already been implemented (thanks!): ability to use random number generation with variables:

2 -

3 -

4 -


@auntiel - Thanks for helping me with this.

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@Ready But of course! You help us with so many things, it’s nice to give back a little bit :slight_smile:

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All of these ideas will go into our backlog. and over time we can clear them. Keep them coming please!

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If we were to change the default collider for all new objects from polygon to box or circle, which would you prefer as default : box or circle? And why? Thanks.

wellll… I hope others will chime in too because I hardly feel I am an authority. Every tutorial I’ve seen says to use box, so for that reason that’s what I’d vote for, but I’ve never experimented with circle so I’m not familiar with the nuances. (I assume circle would be preferable with a fundamentally round-shaped sprite such as a soccer ball or basketball, or circle from Basic Shapes.)


I used the " divide a variables value by 10 " when making a minimap for a racing game.
So the dots on a minimap were perfect represenations where the cars on a track were.
The code was “forever set x position to” rather than “Change x by”
This produced a smoother movement on another program i used.
I don’t think multiply or division is important for use with READY so far.
Having the ability to use animated gifs with READY means i can “Cheat” a lot by using animated gifs instead of using lots of complicated maths formulas.
Most users have failed to take advantage of this great feature of gifs.
For example, an animated gif of a road scrolling down the screen could be repeated for 20 seconds before the road turns, instead of having large sprites of a road and the camera set to the players car as it moves up.
And multiple gifs can be stacked together to produce cool effects.


Thank you @Suzzy-Grey ! This is interesting enough! We’ll think about it. Matimatic functions have long been in our plans. The method you described about the same can be quite interesting.


A lot is possible to do with READY without having extra maths functions.
It’s just some users lack imagination and knowledge of other free programs like PISKELAP for drawing and making animated gifs and EZGIF for editng and optimizing gifs.
And LUNARSCAPE can delete the background around a sprite.
So i’m a little more interested in other features coming to READY than maths operator blocks.


Thanks for a great app. After trying it out for my first day, I’d really with for:

  1. “Not” operator in events, to get functionality similar to “and + not + … object is touching …”.
  2. Ability to group objects for cloning, retaining their relative position between them.
  3. Ability to reorder events.

Thanks! Some of these new features are already in the backlog.:+1:

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When you code a bomb to go to last touch point when a sprites tapped, the sprite has to be tapped twice before the bomb will go to the new last touch point.
This is because when the screens tapped, the bomb goes to the previous last touch point and not to the new last touch point made when a sprites tapped.
In a future update, when a new touch position is made, can that new touch coordinates be used for the last touch data?

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Hi @Suzzy-Grey! This is quite a difficult task, since this behavior can be used in different ways. Do you think you can use delay for this logic. I mean the timer or the counter?