Stuff I Would Like Added To Ready Maker

By “Premade Variables” I Want The Following:

Time Day Month And Year Variables

Save State Variables (For Example If 1 Variable has 89 and I quit the project, then go back to it. The variable Will Still have 89

Microphone Variable

Ready Account Name (or username) variable

For Another Type Of Variable I Want Text (pretty self explanatory it can contain text)

Now Some Other Stuff:

Controller Support, I Know Arduino has a joystick thing but some don’t have one nor know how to use it (you could map the controller buttons + Joysticks)

Joystick Objects (already know there’s a joystick component, but I could hold up to 2 joysticks. So it’s like a slider but It can also Go Vertically

Hinge Compoment: Like The Rubber Band One But The Object stays in 1 fixed Position while still being joined to the object of your choice. It can be way more easier to make ragdolls in ready maker if this were to be added :smiley:


If you crop an image a certain way, you can have arms,legs,head set position to its proper place on a torso/rectangle sprite.
When you crop an image, you can choose the size and location of the rectangle cropping area. The center of that area will be regarded as the sprites center when the sprites cropped.
Cropping can be done using pixlr or lunapic freely.


Hello! Also Thanks For Your Feedback (:


Hi @ep5432 ! :slightly_smiling_face:! Thank You for suggestions!
About Arduino Joystick: Look this old tutorial:

Hinge Component - good suggestion, i added this to the our backlog list

Joystick Objects - Sorry, I didn’t quite understand what it was about at the moment you can use two joysticks (one on the left side of the other on the right)

Text Variable - We already have text box, you can adjust or add a new text for it in the event manager.

Save State Variables - we already have this idea in the our backlog list, but now this hard for realization

Another type of veriables - this interesting, we talk about it with the our team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Suzzy-Grey! :slightly_smiling_face: I saw a similar setup of sprites in the “Game maker” and “Construct 2D”, this would be a useful behavior, thanks!


And sorry guys if sometimes we answer late :metal:


Thanks, but i didn’t request any new feature for the Ready app in my messages on this topic.

I would like better control of animated gif frames.
Setting a gif frame to a variable value doesn’t work.
Controlling Gifs in Ready uses percentages.
If numerical variable values could be used to control frames, that would be a great help.

So if a Gif has 25 frames and the frame is set to variable 20, then the Gif will be at it’s 20th frame.
I used Construct 2 and was able to control precise gif
frames with variables.


It is not by chance that we created a percentage scale for GIF animations (0 to 100). We decided that this is the best solution, since GIF files can have a different number of frames, for example: 2 frames, 24 frames, 67 frames, etc. … the creator of the GIF file controls the number of frames. Therefore, if the user did not create a gif and does not know the number of frames in it, it is much easier for him to calculate the desired position using percentages. Here’s an example of how this can be adjusted using global variables:


The only gifs i’ve seen users use so far are for a scrolling background or a character running or driving and stopping.
So animated gifs are not in high demand at the moment.
For a simple purpose, using percentages would be easier for a user who has little experience coding or animating.
Thanks for the reply.
I won’t mention this gif topic again.