Students Lost all their Code overnight

I have several students that have been working on projects for two weeks a simple game similar to space chicken, and there code disappears. I know it was saved because I was able to view and play test from their shared link last night.
Is this a known issue?
Is there a known fix?

It is not the install because several students use the same computer throughout the day and the issue is not consistent as to which computer it happens to.


Hello there @MrsJ! Welcome to the forum.

I’m extremely sorry to hear about the disappearance of these projects. I have experienced this as well.

From my knowledge I do not think there is any way of retrieving them now since they seem to be gone completely and no one has a spare remixed project.

However, to prevent this from happening in the future, it is common to recommend that whenever you are finished making an update to the project, remix the project to have a spare file of the project just in case there is a deletion.


Hello @MrsJ ! Welcome to the forum! :+1:

Since we save your projects and assets on our server, this can happen for several reasons, for example:

  1. Loss of Internet connection at the time of saving the project
  2. Technical problems on the server

We recommend that you always have a backup copy of your project so that you always have the opportunity to continue working on it. Also, before saving, make sure that there are events in the event manager. Sometimes you just need to close and reopen the application so that all assets are loaded. Unfortunately, if all assets were not loaded while saving, the project will fail to be restored.


What are the steps to remix? or Save a back up copy. I haven’t found a way to do a save as to have multiple copies.


How do you do a save as to make a back up copy. I thought there was only one way to save and if you change the name it changes it on your file not make a new one.


@MrsJ, this steps:

  • Open the your project(Just first click an project) from the projects menu (Main Tab with the all projects)
  • Tap the “Remix” button
  • Save a copy of the project

Thank you so much! This will be a great help.