Something strange....... A wheel on my screen?

Hi everybody,

I have a wheel running on my screen !!!

Screenshot wheel

What’s happening… problem with the server ?

Could you tell me know @Ready if I can continue to work with that ?


Possibly low connection? Is this happening while you’re making your game? :thinking:

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Hi @jean_claude! This icon means that the asset that was added to the scene is no longer available in your library (It was either deleted or was loaded incorrectly). You can try to add the asset again to your library or delete this object.


OK… In fact my assets are the same for all my versions of my game !

So, if I delete an Image in a game, it’s deleted for all others ?
I made it :yawning_face: :cold_sweat: :anguished: :anguished:
I thought each game had its proper instance of the assets.

I tried to reload, delete, change name… The Square with the R disapear, but the whell still there !!! In all my games.

Is there a solution from your side @Ready ?


So, for me working well:

Option 1:

  • Select the “R” object and delete it
  • Save the project
  • Close and open again project
    …project is cleaned

Option 2:

  • Open the your library in the editor
  • Upload this same asset again to the your library
  • Close the library and look result
    …asset again available in the scene

Hi @Ready,

The wheel seems to be disapeared today ???

Maybe somme delay is needed between adding/replacing the image again and the wheel to goes off !!

I don’t apply your solution, but i keep it in mind …in case

Thank’s for suggestion.


@jean_claude This has happened to me one time, I think you deleted the asset from your library.

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