Some Game I Was Working On

Here Is A Game I Made!

It Is A Game I Am Working On Currently
Ive Uploaded The Apk Download To Omlet Arcade

Game Saving [Game Automatically Loads Data]
A Portal That Takes You To The Darklands
Pickaxe [Will Multiply Your Resources But Will Consume Durability]
Companion [Does The same As The Pick But Will Not Consume Durability]

I Added A New Poll Because For some reason it corrupted
It Was Weird

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Definitely!! This looks so cool!


Wow, this game look very interesting :+1:, we are waiting for the final version!:wink:


Actually Its Already At The 1.2 Version! Im Just Finding A Time Where I Can Publish It


Currently I’m Struggling To Find A Way To Share The Apk. :sweat_smile: I’ll Find A Way In A Few Days :smiley:

Please Be Patient This Will Take A Few Days
I’ll Share You The Things I Worked On:

-Game Will Save Every time You Did Something
That Way You Won’t Lose Data When It Somehow Crashes.

-Codes! I’ll Have A Code To Share You: starterpack
Codes Can Be Found In Game So You Don’t Have To Bother Guessing The Code Millions Of Times

-Achievements! Everytime You Did What The Achievement Told You To Do You Earn It! Tap On A Achievement To Know What To Do

NOTE: If You Ever Find A Bug In The Game Tell Me With A picture, Text Or Share A Video To Show Me So I Can Work On It

Note2: if You Have A Suggestion Please Leave One In This Topic I’m Currently Not Sure What To Add. If You Do And I Accept It You’ll Be Added To Survival Land’s Wall Of Fame