SOKKER! 2 Player Soccer type game

Each players team has 3 HP.
The 2 teams are RED and BLACK
Tap the Space Bar or Up to move your team and try to push the ball into the goal on the opponents side.
When the ball hits your goal, your team loses 1 HP.
You win when your opponents HP = 0

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This is pretty cool. A couple of questions …

  1. have you considered mobile controls? About 90%+ of users are on mobile devices for Ready.

  2. The control of the arrows feels very random- you tap space bar or arrow for a while, and wait sometimes for an arrow to make it’s way to the ball. Maybe a “reverse direction” option?


1st of all,
The randomness is deliberate.
Players who just keep tapping a button won’t be as successful as players who wait and tap at the right time to either collide into the ball or move into a better position. (that’s why the sprites are arrows, to show the direction they will move in).

All future games i’ll make will be made to be easily playable with tablet devices.
I’ll need to have some forum members test them out to see how they play on tablet/phones.

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