Share don`t work


 I`m in Shanghai and mac  10.13.2\ReadyMaker 2.5.23 .

When project finished, push share button, there nothing happen.
try more times ,share Failed.

Hello! This the “Share” button, not working for you?

Maybe the problem with the internet connection?

Hi Ready,

 UI interface is different , I had download from APP-store. as follow image.

Try use this method:
1)Save you project
2)Tap to Exit
3)Play the your project in the “My Project” tab
4)Click the “Share” button (You should see the same menu as in the screenshot I sent you earlier)

It works! Enjoying :smile: Thanks a lot .

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One more question.

Delete project don`t work. click “Delete” button nothing happen.

Try to move in the full screen mode with “cmd + F”, when “Ready” the open. I think, maybe problem with resolution, we working for the this problem.