SERIOUSLY, can you make this app work OFFLINE?!?

My name is Dr. Aries S. Perez. I am an ICT professor in the Philippines and have been looking at the potential of this intuitive game creator software for years now. I even at one point intended to use it in my dissertation but to my utter disappointment, found out that it cannot work OFFLINE. Even your local assets must be PAINFULLY uploaded ONE BY ONE. Guys, seriously, you have a software that can open doors for millions of educators out there who’d be willing to pay just for the ability to use this thing offline like the one I eventually went with, which is hyperpad. I am so sad that developers have become more MONEY-DRIVEN these days instead of being progressive in terms of pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for “the rest of us.” You have an amazing app that can empower so many educators and NON-PROGRAMMERS out there like me if only this thing can work like your typical powerpoint software OFFLINE. I appeal to you, the developers of Ready Maker to please consider making this a reality. I know that many are going the subsciption model route these days, but money is NOTHING compared to the INDELIBLE LEGACY you’ll be leaving behind if you make this app offline. You guys will be LIVING HEROES for the non-programmers like us should you stop crippling this app as it is by making it work ONLY WHEN ONLINE. Not every one has internet connection you see. Not oven more than half of the entire world’s population in fact has access to it. In the sea of so many apps out there, nothing comes close to what you can accomplish if you make this thing offline and enable users to create multi-level games within the app itself. Seriously, I’d be willing to advertise and promote you in my country for free and to the rest of the world should my next conventions take me there as soon as this covid-19 pandemic is addressed if you will make these things happen. Thanks.


Hi @Axisdrive32! Welcome to the community.

I’m really sorry to hear about this. However I wish to provide some information that I think you may wanna hear about this issue.

Currently Ready Maker is a free (with no ads or subscriptions…) game maker that uses internet to connect to their servers. The in game assets, leaderboards, many things are connected to the Ready Maker servers which requires internet to access. If Ready Maker went and made the app offline, all servers wouldn’t be able to connect to the app, and your games and assets could be completely lost.


Hello @Axisdrive32! Welcome to our forum! :+1: We already answered you on our YouTube channel. I do not exclude the possibility that in the future we can return to this proposal, but at the moment we do not plan to make such global changes in the “Ready Maker”.


Ever heard of hyperpad or buildbox? Or at the very least SCRATCH? If those apps can run completely offline and allow you to use your own assets locally, why can’t ready maker do that? I am not a programmer yet, but I have talked to so many professional ones in the field and really, the only thing that stops programmers to make things run offline is MONEY. The WANT FOR MORE MONEY. Hell, even nintendo switch can still do proper local co-op games these days. Can you see how local co-op gaming has died in android and iOS games lately? Say whatever you want but they all want you to be connected online nowadays for monetization purposes. So please don’t tell me such lame excuses.

Ok. So it was you. In the face of this global pandemic and all, I hope we are all reminded that money is not all that counts. I hope your philosophy behind this app will change someday. Because at the moment, your insistence to have the app always connected online does not say anything good about your intentions at all seeing that many creator apps out there which admittedly are less intuitive than yours have already been able to do it for years. We both know you don’t need internet ALL THE TIME for this. May you have all the money in the world if that’s what you want. God bless you on your future endeavors. Thank you for alienating “the rest of us.”